Provide assistance to an abandoned cat colony in rural South Carolina.
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Provide assistance to an abandoned cat colony in rural South Carolina.

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      Rita Jolly


The local organizations and rescues have exhausted what funds they have and are unable to provide tnr (trap, neuter, return) or relocation of these cats.
Without outside help these cats (20-25) some kittens, some seniors, some pregnant, will continue to suffer. This is supposed to be national feral cat month, but no one from the national organization has shown any interest in using their vast public funding to help get the situation under control. The cats are located in a rural area just off of the interstate highway 95, exist 108 at a Stuckeys (Lake Marion and Santee) where they are not wanted or cared for. The management and owner just want the cats gone. Even the local animal control is ignoring the situation. I was made aware of the starving colony by a lady from New Jersey passing through South Carolina. She was horrified at the condition of the cats and finally contacted me. I explained that I would do whatever possible by sending out the sos through emails, but that I lived more than 100 miles from the area. I made contact with a number of people who will help if funding for vet care including testing, spay/neuter and vaccinations is provided. It would not take an incredible amount of money and would relieve the suffering of these cats, and help control the local cat population. My name is Rita Jolly and I am an active tnr person and provide a sanctuary for 100 cats in the rural county of Union, South Carolina. Please sign the petition and give these cats a chance at a better life.

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    • kim sobolewski MICHIGAN CITY, IN
      • 10 months ago

      We have tnr in my town and I think it's a good idea? I actually adopted a stray kitty and he was my buddy up til the end?

    • Melanie Coley CONCORD, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      I myself have rescued and adopted 7 homeless cats in the past year. This makes 14 in all. I am fortunate that I can afford them and all it took to spay/neuter them and keep them flea-free all summer. All cats are important to me, including those I'll never see or touch personally. Please help these cats have a better life any way you can. Thank you.

    • dafne toma ITALY
      • about 1 year ago

      no living being deserves to suffer! all we need to do to make the world a better place! certain atrocities towards defenseless animals is the most unjust, I hope that something sooner or later thanks to these petitions will change

    • susan hansen LONG BEACH, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      No living thing should suffer what could easily be given to them. There is way too much cruelty in this world. Where is the compassion and understanding? Lets hope that they help them and not kill them.

    • Beverly Pack LOUISA, KY
      • almost 2 years ago

      These beautiful cats, as well as all the other feral cats, deserve our help!! It isn't their fault that they are homeless and without someone to love and care for them.


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