Human Rights: Bring Justice to Jamika & Jasmine a Lesbian couple Brutally assaulted at a North Bay hospital
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Justice for Jamika & Jasmine
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Human Rights: Bring Justice to Jamika & Jasmine a Lesbian couple Brutally assaulted at a North Bay hospital

    1. Jamika Rodriguez-Brown
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      Jamika Rodriguez-Brown

      Fairfield, CA

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am currently in the process of updating this segment.  Also, for more specifics about the incident please see my Petition letter.

Best Regards,

- J.C.R.B.


Doctors & Staff at North Bay Hospital can't possibly believe that  "our care" or this type of care in general, was or is still acceptable !

For, if they do, if what happened to myself and my wife/ partner in life, is truly deemed to be "the norm" at this and other such facilities, then there is no telling WHEN this will end ?  The Public needs to know about these issues for thier own protection. Both myself and my wife who was also a victim are truly commited to the cause of Justice not only for ourselves but more importantly to prevent other patients from getting hurt or worse. Our sincere hope is that History does not ever repeat itself or  "rear its ugly head" at this facility ever again. I also fear the possible existence of a "Sub culture" or way of doing things: Select staff at this facility who think that it is ok to assume ultimate authority and control over the general public and who violate the Public Trust in un told ways.

Perhaps better communication is needed or perhaps a solution may be rooted in some sort of Sensitivity Training for Doctors & Staff in order to underscore the importance and the necessity of treating patients who are in thier care with dignity, care, compassion and Respect. Nonetheless, those who as in our case have violated the Public Trust, should not have access to the Public in this manner ever again !  I am not at all happy to relay these feelings because I wish that this whole Saga had never taken place but unfortunately it has ... These folks have crossed the line when they made the decission to do what they did. To date we still suffer the effects of this abuse. As such, I feel that the term "Care givers" no longer applies to the select Doctor and Staff who participated in these unfortunate acts of depravity against us.

     It is also important for me to assure as well as underscore to all parties that myself and my wife did nothing wrong. We did nothing that would warrant such inhumane treatement whatsoever. 

On a basic level, "Standard Care" would have been far better than what we were made to endure. As you may know, Doctors take what is known as the "Hippocratic oath."  Nurses take a similar oath which is termed the: "Nightingale Pledge." For the practice of medicine and patient care. To my dismay,  It is my true belief that the incident which ocurred regarding my treatment and lack thereof that both of these oaths were violated.Thus, both myself and my wife, need to be made whole through legal remedy.

Myself  and my wife, did not seek "Special Treatment" but only basic care that is to be expected and which is presumed to be afforded to All patients . Simply put, I had a reasonable expectation that  collectively our basic human rights would be respected and our dignity would remain intact.

Furthermore: Race, Gender, Sexual preference and/or Sexual orientation should not have become a factor in the care I received and in the way in which my wife & partner in life was treated, disregarded, humiliated and ultimately assaulted by Hospital staff who made the decision to forcefully eject us from the facility despite my severe and newly inflicted injuries and particularly in light of the fact that: We were seeking treatment and were absolutely "Not a threat to anyone "  at the Hospital. Nonetheless, it seems unusual that after I indicated to the newly arrived male Nurse that he was making me feel uncomfortable with his non compassionate approach to my care and I requested a replacement Nurse: From that point on I would be percieved as some sort of threat by Hospital staff. This began a chain of events leading to our forceful removal from the facility, verbal abuse and assault by a person who I now know to be member of the Hospital Securtiy detail.


                                                            ( To be continued ... )

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      Jamika Rodriguez-Brown
      Petition Organizer

      To better inform my friends & supporters
      I send my deepest apologies for the delayed response of this message. My currrent health condition has progresively worsened. I will be going into surgery on 06/11/12 due to my injuries caused by the physician. I want to thank you for your continued support my wife and I appreciate it sincerely.

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    3. Dear Friends,

      Jamika Rodriguez-Brown
      Petition Organizer

      To better inform my friend & supporters
      It has been a very overwheming journey for us and I want to thank you ALL for your ongoing support. I have been on a strict liquid diet and I have also had no luck in releasing my waste for 23 days now, since the date of the incident 5/18/12. I have seen two doctor and one specialist that are coinciding the treatment of my care. If I do not show any improvements with my current health status I will have to go into surgery in order to fix the tear in my rectum. I will also be posting updated information periodically; I Thank you for being very patient and for joining my Wife and I in our fight for change.

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    5. updating profile

      Jamika Rodriguez-Brown
      Petition Organizer

      Dear friends, this has been a traumatic expierience for me. Please bare with me as I make some changes to better organize my thoughts and message.

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    Reasons for signing

    • LaSheila Marron BISMARCK, ND
      • about 2 years ago

      I myself am a lesbian as well, no one deserves to be treated in this manner, no matter their sexual preference/orientation. I am sorry for what has happened to you as well as your partner, it was inhumane as well as humiliating. these health care proffesionals whom mistreated you need to be prosecuted! changes need to be made!

    • dennis thacker LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      its 2012, GET OVER IT, we are here and NOT going backwards to be another StoneWall!!!

    • keirra carlisle PIQUA, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      the harassment the couple endure at the time was not acceptable at any means. their right was violated repeated by the hospital staff, i will not or encourage my relatives or friends to go north bay hospital for that simple reason. if the staff can do that to them, what does it mean they can do the same to others.not right!

    • Bronte Cowie LANGLEY, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      Oh my God. I... I am a straight girl, and I feel terrible about it, especially after what happened to you and your wife. To be kicked out of a hospital and assaulted... That asshole should be arrested. Are you kidding? Why the hell-- Ugh. Bigots. I am SOOO SORRY this happened to you... I hope that my signature helps you at all.

    • Lourdes Maldonado BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      My oldest daughter Jenny Sanchez who also signed this petition is a lesbian and I support her 100% and I'd hate if this had happened to her. What was done needs to be justified!


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