Hulu please return social functionality to non-FaceBook Hulu accounts.
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Hulu please return social functionality to non-FaceBook Hulu accounts.

    1. Petition by

      Jennifer Hawley

      Ann Arbor, MI

On March 1st 2012 Hulu removed everyone's profile pictures, if they were not already linked to a Facebook account.

Now, on April 26th 2012 Hulu removed the social functions from every account that is not linked to FaceBook.

I fear that next month the accounts that are not FaceBook linked will not have the ability to post on discussions anymore.  This is my biggest worry.  Please, even if you don't return other social functions, don't take that one away.

Now you have to link to FaceBook and turn "Social On", in order to use the social functions. These social functions have been available to us for years before FaceBook and Hulu joined. The social functions now available only to FaceBook connected users are: the ability to have any friends at all, the ability to have a profile picture, the ability to share your activities with your friends, the ability to see what your friends activities are.

We used to rely on these features to socialize and make friends on Hulu, now we are cut off from them just because we don't want to link our accounts to FaceBook. You have made it clear that account holders that do not connect to FaceBook are not important to you. So I'm guessing you won't mind when we leave instead of connecting to FaceBook, because you don't really care about anyone that isn't connected to FaceBook anyways.

Those functions are what makes Hulu worth using, and without the ability to have those functions, Hulu is not worth using.

I can check DVD's out of the library, I can stream shows and movies that are out on DVD on Netflix or BlockBuster. I can watch the new episodes of shows on the individual network websites. And most important of all I can discuss shows on the network web sites or go to IMDb to discuss shows.

So please tell me, why would I want to continue using Hulu, when all the fun of Hulu has been taken away?

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    1. Thank you everyone. We have over 50 signatures now. :)

      Jennifer Hawley
      Petition Organizer

      Hopefully Hulu will take notice and not take the next step that we know they are planning to. Hopefully they will still allow non-facebook users to still post on the discussion boards and still have accounts. Because I fear that they will soon make it mandatory to link to facebook even to have an account.
      That would leave everyone without facebook the choice of having no account at all, no queue, no favorites and no way to post on the discussion boards, or caving in and making a facebook page to link to, just so they can have a Hulu account.
      That would also mean that everyone that has facebook but does not want to link, will be forced to link, or give up their Hulu accounts.

      Again, thank you to everyone here for taking a stand against the facebook take over of Hulu.
      JenSciFi ༜

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    • Anne Connolly OAKLAND, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I had never gotten around to commenting on Hulu myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed the commentariat there for years-- for the most part a respectful, intelligent crowd that brought humor and insight to so many shows. All of that is gone with the forced move to Facebook. I have a FB account, and no way in hell do I want it connected to Hulu. So this isn't just about people who have FB accounts vs those who don't. Privacy issues are more important to so many of us than getting strong-armed into social media participation-- which you can clearly tell by the lame to nonexistent commenting on Hulu shows now. Tumbleweeds...

      Hulu Powers that Be clearly failed to appreciate that its community was a big draw to users. When my Hulu-plus gift membership expires, no way will I renew. I'm now looking forward to the next company that will offer sanctuary to a smart viewership. I was an enthusiastic Hulu fan for many years, and was sympathetic to changes like increased ads and fewer eps available, given the inevitable demands on a sustainable business model. But the latest change is beyond the pale. So sad to see a good online TV model going rotten to the core.

    • Erin Bates ENFIELD, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing because I used to love Hulu, but I've barely gone there over the past year. I was addicted to the community aspect, something which I'd mostly avoided in the past on other sites. At Hulu I made a few friends who loved talking about my favorite shows, but they were taken away without warning. I can't even get a list of them. Now I can't make friends unless I publicly send them my Facebook page or email, and I sure don't want spam from a bunch of people I have no interest in. And the trolls seem to have multiplied, since moderators don't seem to exist. I've not participated in a discussion in a very long time, ever since someone I thought I was on good terms with basically told me to stop praising my favorite show in my own post. It was a theme. I was trying to be creative. I just lost interest at that point. took that post and left Hulu behind for my own blog and Twitter.

      Facebook is not really a place where I discuss entertainment. I'll link to a great YouTube video once in a while, but it's not the same. Facebook is a place where people complain about their day or announce they're having a party. My Facebook friends (mostly family) don't really care what I think about my shows. The only interests we share are movies and when we talk about them it's in person. They are a completely separate group. I lost all the people here except for one, and we just happened to find each other on Twitter. Still waiting on one more to make the switch. I'm going to have to go through the discussions to find familiar names and invite them to Twitter, too. That's a process I don't have time for and I'm not looking forward to.

      If Facebook could update only my Hulu friends with my activity then that would be fine with me, though I still would hate Facebook. And they would have to let us send friend requests again. But they'll never do something that makes sense. Hulu, get a clue and realize that many sites use multiple logins (OpenID, Twitter, Google) in addition to their own. They don't force a third-party on you, and when they do arbitrarily people don't stick around for long. Facebook may be extremely popular, but it's also an ugly mess...and now so is Hulu.

    • Heidi Fields CLINTON TWP, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree with Wayne's comment about the need to compartmentalize, and the comments of others who maintain the social aspect of Hulu was the best thing about it. I miss my 'Hulu friends.'

      • over 2 years ago

      I'm signing because I love Hulu and hate Facebook. I want to continue being a Hulu Plus user and fear I may have to discontinue using Hulu.. Having extensive reviews and discussions adds to my enjoyment of many shows -- I may miss a subtlety that others catch, or forget a fact from an earlier episode and a commenter reminds me of it. With the new Fbook sign on requirement, there are noticably fewer comments. No one likes this new development. It certainly has me wondering why am I paying you for Hulu Plus..

    • Walba Threadkiller WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      I do have Facebook, but I don't want everyone on there to know about the shows I watch all the time.

      If I want to talk about the shows, I will and I will post links to those show. The most amusing part of Hulu is reading the conversations and discussions with friends. Please don't take that away.

      Thank you very much.


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