Demonstrate disapproval for the STEM Project for Hudson High Students
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Demonstrate disapproval for the STEM Project for Hudson High Students

    1. Timothy Zhao
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      Timothy Zhao

      Hudson, OH

Students are the future of our country. Because of this, students deserve to have a healthy mind and a positive & fair upbringing which will reflect when they are the professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and leaders of the future. Forcing the STEM Project upon Hudson High School Students is another example of how teachers are making a mistake that will harm our nation. Who will stop them? Neither the teachers , nor parents, nor administration can seem to realize the obvious blunder so it is up to those most affected by this injustice to take a stand: the Hudson High School student body.



1. The STEM Fair is unorganized and slow despite having years of experience, the STEM Alliance has neither improved the project process nor learned from their mistakes. For example, for all Honors Chemistry and Honors Biology students, less than 15 potential mentors appeared at the Mentor Questioning session (of these 15, even fewer committed to going through the entire Fair).

2.The STEM Project is worth 60 points, a huge percent of our grade. However, it teaches little that is included in the Honors Chemistry or Honors Biology courses.

3. Those that wish to join the STEM Fair can do so in their free time along with any other science related activity/club. Students ARE aware of the STEM Fair because they were  presented with the opportunity to join the STEM Fair in 8th grade which many did and didn't repeat the next year.

4. The  Honors Chemistry and Honors Biology teachers assigned the project but have done little to provide assistance and will not even need to grade the projects! They leave students to wander around the bureaucracy of procedures, plethora of forms, and find their own mentors.

5. Grading is subjective by volunteers who may not have experience in the project's field. Judges can reduce our grade if we are unwilling to be promoted to districts. They will most likely not have a degree in teaching. IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?!?

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    • Gary Gray STOCKTON, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      This is important. Support our petition of protecting foster youth's education rights, follow name link.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Pro education issues;please support our three petitions foster youth education, civil and medical rights, by linking on my name.

    • Iulia Barbur HUDSON, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      The Science Fair is great for people who want to do well, who like science, who want to work for it. If some kid is forced to do it then they won't put 100% into it, and that's not fair for him, or the adults volunteering. The science fair should be optional.


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