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Release TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode associated with the Amaze 4G

    1. Anthony Nash
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      Anthony Nash

      Roseville, CA

October 2012


From petition creator Anthony Nash: "This all began in a community of android, cell phone, and software developers and enthusiasts, at xda-developers.com. The popular android platform that currently runs on millions of peoples' cell phones is an operating system that is "open-source" which means whatever company develops that operating system must release the source to the public, and the public has the right to modify that source to mae changes, improvements, etc., and release that modified OS (Operating System), aka ROM, for others to use. This is per the GPL (general public license The well known cellular phone producer HTC, released a phone know as the "htc amaze 4g." This phone operates on the android OS, therefore requiring HTC to release te source for the OS. HTC did release the source, but it was missing key drivers we needed for developers to make fully functioning ROM's and Kernel's (kernels are like the brain of an OS). This not only limited what the few developers we had could do but is also pushed away developers from coming to our phone. On top of all this, the biggest problem was that HTC was violating the GPL by not releasing these source This is what made us come together as a community to make HTC do the right thing. I created this petition and we came together and shared it with everyone we knew through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and xda-developers.com. Another member and friend of mine in the xda community, hasoon2000, gathered all the information of HTC's social madia accounts and provided them to the community and we all came together and sent them hundreds of emails, tweets on Twitter, and posts on Facebook and G+ requesting the release of these drivers. We did this to get there attention and to show them how many supporters, most of which are all loyal HTC customers, we had that were all being effected. This fight began all the way back in March 2012, and finally after 7 months, and after hundreds of emails and messages, and over 500 signatures on the petition, HTC finally listened to us and released the sources we need! This was not only a fight of honoring your customers, but also a fight of honoring the law and making companies follow those laws just like we have to. Thank you to the community at xda-developers and everyone else who contributed, we couldn't have done it without you all."

Last year, HTC reached out to their customers asking for feedback about their locked bootloaders. We responded and they actually listened and announced they would no longer lock the bootloaders on their phones. This was great news, it now became easier for us to permenately root, and flash custom roms with ease. However, this did not make it easier to flash custom kernels, but of course thanks to our developers, we found a way to do it on our htc Amaze 4g anyway. I'm hoping that htc will listen to their customers again, who are now reaching out to them. Our request is for htc to release the TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode, associated with the Amaze 4g. And yes, htc, you may not be violating GPL by not releasing it, but you are violating the trust and the relationship between you and your loyal customers. You say you don't have to release the drivers if you dont want to, but why wouldnt you want to make your customers happy? What happened to being this "developer-friendly" company? When your company made the choice to produce devices that used the android os, you came in knowing that it was required to be open-sourced, so why are you trying to find loopholes to avoid releasing them and completely going against the spirit and the whole point of open-source. We paid top dollar to own this device, yet we still don't fully own it because you are still controlling what we can or can't do with. Do the right thing and make us happy and keep us as loyal customers by providing us with the TI wlan wifi drivers / sourcecode for the Amaze 4g so we can get the most out of this amazing phone you have made for us.

Thank You


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    • Hamza Mohammad KUWAIT, KUWAIT
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have an HTC and I'd LOVE to see the drivers be open source

    • Michael McGregor MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA
      • almost 2 years ago

      We need better development on our phones!

    • Ramsin Israel MORTON GROVE, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because HTC phones haven't failed me yet...though to be honest, if we don't get this for the Amaze (and subsequent phones)...I will make sure to never buy an HTC device again. I'm fairly respected in the Technology field and my opinion carries a lot of weight. I could discourage people from buying HTC and guess what...it'll trickle down. Though it might not be a big deal to lose out on the sale of a thousand or 2 handsets...it will still make an impact. Now multiply that by the ~600 people signing this petition...and you've got yourself a pretty serious matter at hand.

    • John Tresidder BARBERTON, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      So I might buy another HTC Device in the future.

    • Magali Stein LA CANADA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      The development community has done much to make HTC's mistakes better on the Amaze. With the source code for the drivers they can do far more. My battery has gone for 5 hours to 15 hours without having to uninstall all 3rd party apps as HTC suggested. Moreover, I can run wifi, data and bluetooth, all of which HTC told me to shut off to get better battery life. Hmmm looks like all I really needed was a good rom and kernel!


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