HRC - There's no honor for Goldman Sachs
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HRC - There's no honor for Goldman Sachs

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      Bo Shuff

      Arlington, VA

Joe -

The first symbol I knew for the LGBT community was that of HRC. Before I was out of the closet I learned that the yellow equal sign on the deep blue represented equality. One of the first things I did after coming out was to stick one of those squares to my bumper - not only because it meant equality - but because I thought it also stood for power and working to make the world a better place for LGBT Americans.

Now we learn that you will "honor" Goldman Sachs at the NYC HRC Gala Dinner.

Can you please explain to us how Goldman Sachs has "Improved the lives of LGBT Americans?" This company has outsourced thousands of jobs overseas. They have taken billions of dollars in taxpayer money with one hand while passing out pink slips with the other. They are a contributor to the economic collapse that has led LGBT Americans, like all Americans in the 99%, to have to struggle to make ends meet, keep their homes and take care of their families.

But beyond all that. Even if that we not enough, Goldman Sachs employees and directors are the single largest contributor to Mitt Romney's campaign. You, the Human Rights Campaign, will be honoring a company that has donated over a half a million dollars to a man that supports and will push another Federal Marriage Amendment. You do this in one of the few states where our marriages are legal.

How dare you. How dare you claim to speak for the LGBT community with one corner of your mouth while you suckle corporate greed from the other.

Stop this madness, hold our supposed allies as accountable as our supposed enemies. Withdraw the honor from Goldman Sachs and make it clear their behavior is not to be celebrated.

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    • Pierre Charlier BRUXELLES, BELGIUM
      • over 2 years ago

      Goldman Sachs is certainly a sort of economic Hitler, that why nobody mentally sane should support nor defend that company.

    • kelli Busey ARLINGTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      As a transgender advocate I learned about HRC from the ground up, literally, protesting at black tie gala's after enda split in N.O Houston, Dallas and Austin. Those actions helped in convincing HRC to become transgender inclusive not because they had a sudden social awakening but because the people demanded it. We must do the same now.

    • Marcel Meijer Hof ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS
      • over 2 years ago

      You should not honor a compagny that brings so much evil to people in general by nominate them for your reward. However, by doing so you give them a perfect window-derssing behind which they can continue their greedy, respectless behaviour!

    • Cary Allen PORTLAND, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      Lloyd Blankfein is an immoral predator. He should not be the face of a humanitarian cause or organization.

    • Jennifer Brown KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm really disgusted about your choice to honor and celebrate Lloyd Blankfein as a

      national corporate sponsor of anything.

      As I'm sure you've read, " most every state in America, some major

      institutional investor, union, pension fund, or shareholder is either suing

      Goldman, Sachs or Blankfein for unethical business practices, or actively

      protesting the bank’s extreme greed and seeming disregard for the well-being of

      ordinary people."

      Read more:


      Is this really the person you want representing the HRC? Someone who takes

      advantage of people? Someone who puts himself and his needs before the needs of

      others? I'd like to think not. My money would like to think not as well.

      Up until this point I've been a vocal supporter of the HRC and a monetary

      supporter when I've been able to afford it. That ceases at this moment, with this

      decision. I will certainly be encouraging my friends and family to do so as well.

      As Taibbi writes, "How would the members of the HRC board feel if a group of labor

      unions got together and decided to nominate an antigay bigot like Rick Santorum,

      Gary Bauer or James Dobson to head a national campaign for workers’ rights?"

      Indeed, how would that feel? And how would it feel to not have a leg to stand on

      in opposing such a move?

      I cannot stand by and support an organization that holds up people such as

      Blankfein as an example of anything we should strive towards. Nor can I continue

      to encourage others to support your organization as well when these are the

      decisions made by leadership.


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