Support the proposed Mobile Food Unit Ordinance changes.
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Houston City Council, District H
Ed Gonzalez
Houston City Council

Support the proposed Mobile Food Unit Ordinance changes.

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      Houston, TX

In an effort to strengthen the city’s business economy, increase our city’s growing culinary image, and bring vitality to many areas in our city’s central business district, we call on Members of the Houston City Council to support the reasonable and stakeholder-driven MFU Ordinance changes being proposed.

The changes include:

Eliminate 60-foot distance between trucks.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.11.12 and amendment to City Ordinance No. 2006-826

One Liquid Propane (LP) permit to cover multiple locations.
Requires change to Fire Code, Section 10.10.2

Ability to park next to existing seating.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

Allow units to provide limited seating of their own, up to 3 tables and 6 chairs.
Requires change to Mobile Food Health Code

Lift the current LP restrictions in the District of Limitations 1.
Allow up to 40lb. LP tank + private property access. Requires changes to LSB standard 10, section 10.3.1

Signatures will be collected and sent to Mayor Annise Parker, Council Members Helena Brown, Jerry Davis, Ellen Cohen, Wanda Adams, Mike Sullivan, Al Hoang, Oliver Pennington, Ed Gonzalez, James G. Rodriguez, Mike Laster, Larry Green, Stephen C. Costello, Andrew C. Burks, Jr., Melissa Noriega, C.O. Bradford, and Jack Christie.

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    • Sarah Phillips HOUSTON, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      In my neighborhood we have exactly 1 restaurant, Boedega's, that is within walking distance. I go there frequently but also love being able to visit the food trucks in the MFAH parking lot for some variety. If they weren't there, I would eat at home more. Food trucks expand dining options and spending on food within Houston and increase our sales tax base. If there were food trucks near Hermann Park, particularly during evening where shows are being done at Miller Outdoor Theater, I believe this could increase use of the park and increase social interaction among Houstonians. We need more of a city culture and food trucks could help with this.

    • Megan Casey HOUSTON, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      i work downtown and want ease of going to a foodtruck to get a quick bite.

    • denise taylor SUGARLAND, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      small businesses and entrepaunership are what makes are country great. not to mention the food and prices are fantasitc in foodtrucks

    • Chad McMullen SPRING, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am in the biz

    • Colette Brown DICKINSON, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      Spent some time in Portland OR where food trucks originated. Quality of food is good, pricing is fair and ambiance is very enjoyable.


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