horse breeders - call for social responsibility
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American Morgan Horse Association
American Haflinger Registry
Rocky Mountain Horse Association
American Hanoverian Society
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Arabian Horse Association
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Oldenburg Registry of North America & International Sporthorse Regisry
National Foundation Quarter Horse Association
Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Association
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Spanish Mustang Registry
Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association
American Warmblood Society
Pony of the Americas
American Gypsy horse Breed Association
Pinto Horse Association of America
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association
Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association
Lipizzan Association of North America
Appaloosa Sport Horse Association

horse breeders - call for social responsibility

    1. Petition by

      Sandra Cointreau

      roxbury, CT

Due to poor economy forcing people to give up their horses, the excessive breeding relative to market demand, the reinstatement of horse slaughter in the US and the round-ups of thousands of wild horses by the BLM, all of which put hundreds of thousands of horses at risk of slaughter, it is time for horse breeders to implement a committment of responsible breeding and aftercare for horses that they have bred.


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      Dutch Warmblood Studbook of North America

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      Sandra Cointreau
      Petition Organizer

      This petition to horse breed associations of North America will help reduce horse slaughter by asking them to change their policies and contractual agreements regarding long-term care to their breeding horses and responsibility for the horses they sell. Social reponsibility demands by the public are part of the change, while the EU looks into the animal welfare and pharmaceutical aspects of the horse meat it imports and the North American and Mexican animal welfare organizations look into the slaughter plant abuses. Meanwhile, the horse rescuers are doing what they can to save horses from the meat brokers buying up from auctions and horse owners. Thank you for signing and sharing.....Your friend, Sandra Cointreau

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    • Cheryl Babcock PALM BAY, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      It is important to not allow horses, due to no fault of their own, to end up in holding pens with no one looking out for their best interests. Horses in this situation will most likely not have a happy future. It is best to limit breeding, and thus ensure that each and every horse has a loving forever home.

    • Linda Dennis CALLAHAN, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Slaughter auctions are the direct result of irresponsible owners who want a quick return on their money when they no longer want a horse or pony. It takes more time and a dropped price sometimes to get a horse another SAFE home. But to be fair, the fall of our economy t has hurt the horse breeders and all in the industry. NO breeder creates a life thinking it will end up in such a situation years down the line, but it is time for all breeders to ask themselves if they believe all of their matches are going to end in offspring with great careers and homes..if not it is important to be more selective and less enthusiastic about making another horse or pony that might end up in the slaughter yard. A few less offspring for a few years might give your broodmares a needed break, and the scarcity of your next progeny more desirability.

    • Joan Marsala NAUGATUCK, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      It is about time that the breeders start to take responsibility for their actions. With the economy in as bad of shape as it is, the amount of horses should decrease. If you want to make money - get a job!!!

    • anne Sanders ST IVES, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 2 years ago

      Horses who have worked for / with man throughout the ages, have been a child's best friend, they've ploughed our fields so we can eat, they've pulled heavy wagons for us. In the UK they've pulled the milk floats to houses, they've pulled the heavy beer wagons to deliver to pubs, they are the ones used in war, in parades to keep peace in the streets, they pull the carriages of our Royal Family. They are ridden by Canadian Mounties, by the British police. e love them. They do so much for us, and how do we repay them for all their hard work over the centuries ....... we round them up and send them to slaughter. I ams so so ashamed of the human race,

      • over 2 years ago

      Over breeding is a huge problem, there should be a licensing system which has to be applied for in order to breed. Slaughter is not the answer! It is not, and never will be humane. There is no way to humanely slaughter a horse, full stop.


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