Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ:  Reverse my husband's death sentence
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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ: Reverse my husband's death sentence

    1. Pat Roof
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      Pat Roof

      West Long Branch, NJ

March 2013


From Pat Roof: VICTORY !!!!!!! WE GOT THE CALL FROM BCBSNJ They have decided to overturn there decision to deny the allogenic (donor) bone marrow transplant. Today we also got the call from Hackensack UMC & things are full speed ahead , the process for looking for a matched donor has begun. Yeaaaaaaaa Thank each and every one of you for your signatures and for passing this petition along I really fell it made the difference! Sincerely, Pat Roof For more than a week I'd called Blue Cross Blue Shield every day asking them to reconsider their denial of Neil's transplant. I never reached a live human being, and my telephone calls were never returned. So I started a petition on Change.org. It got over 400 hundred signatures in a few days. Then I added the email addresses of Horizon's public relations team to the petition, so that they would get an email every time someone signed the petition. Within 24 hours of my doing that, I got a personal call from Horizon's Medical Director saying that they'd reversed the decision. We're now so much more hopeful that Neil will get the care he needs.

Neil and I have been married for 22 years and have two beautiful young daughters. Our worlds were turned upside down in 2005, when he was diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma in 2005. Neil thrived under his treatment plan until recently -- the chemotherapy just stopped working. 


The doctor said that Neil needed two transplants in order to put his cancer in back in remission -- one with his own cells and a second with a donor's cells. The first transplant was completed on March 1st. Three days later I called the doctor to find out if a donor had been identified for the second transplant, only to find out that our insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, won't let it happen! 

Blue Cross Blue Shield has the nerve to say that my husband's transplant "was not medically necessary." I can assure you that this 2nd part of the transplant is not only medically necessary, it is essential to saving my husband’s life. And time is of the essence if the second transplant isn't completed within 8 weeks of the first transplant, the process will not work and our insurer will have sentenced Neil to death. Since then, we've lost valuable time trying to find a donor match for Neil.

I got a letter in the mail saying that I had the right to appeal the decision within 72 hours. I have called Blue Cross Blue Shield every day since then, but no one has ever returned my calls. I have never reached a live person to discuss this denial.

Neil is being sent home from the hospital TODAY, and I am beginning to lose hope. Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey must immediately reverse their denial of the procedure and offer an expedited process to find a donor match so Neil can complete the second part of his transplant as planned.

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    • Renee Ronnie PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      This is not a money issue but a life issue. What are the cross and shield supposed to represent in this coverage of insurance? I don't believe it's to represent greed and in such a decision to not approve a possible life saving treatment can only be looked upon as money verses a life. GREED. May the compassion and protection of this insurance company come forward immediately with apologies and the right answer for this loved one.

    • Patricia Cesone VALLEY STREAM, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Because it is the right thing to do....if the procedure is proven to be helpful in sustaining his life...then allow it!

    • Avery Graham FREEHOLD, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      Neil is a positive force always helping others, despite the hell he and his family must live with.

      He deserves to get the proper treatment!

    • Debra Trepkau LAKE HIAWATHA, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      I am a Cancer survivor. I all so have Horizon insurance. What will they do to me if I come out of remission. I have already had to fight them for things. It was very minor compare to somebody life. I don't like how they second guess doctors to save money over patients. We pay to have this insurance. Horizon is not cheap

    • Debra Ploth PARSIPPANY, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      How can an insurance company do this? What has this world come to? Insurance is there to cover our medical needs. Our world is such a sad place to be with everyone looking out for the almighty dollar and forgetting the value of life, Neil's life as just ONE example. From a Survivor who was treated at Hackensack UMC for Ovarian Cancer.


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