STOP the killing of Honeymoon Lake's Migratory Geese and Goslings!
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STOP the killing of Honeymoon Lake's Migratory Geese and Goslings!

    1. Aubrie Keegan
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      Aubrie Keegan

      clinton, WA

Stop Honeymoon Lake's board members from killing Migratory Canadian Geese!
In 2011, 19 geese and goslings were captured and killed because they were pooping on some of the board members lawns, and one of the board members complained that a nesting goose had attacked their dog. Now it is 2012 and the killing is set to happen all over again.  Some members of the Honeymoon Lake community have refused to employ non-lethal measures to help ensure that geese do not congregate and nest on their lawns. Instead they have called in the USDA's Wildlife Services to kill more geese. 

By signing this petition you are asking the board and community members to engage in a non-lethal approach by taking preventative measures.  Some options include:

-Fencing.  Monofiliment wire, Chicken Wire, Plastic Netting and some other fencing materials are reliable and safe ways to keep the geese off of your property.

-Plant shrubs, small bushes and other plants that are a minimum of 30 inches in height (to keep the geese from seeing over them, which makes the area less appealing for nesting/grazing) along the edge of the water.

-Keep a 6 inch high, 2-3ft. wide line of grass along the waterline.  Geese dislike being in tall grass, as it is a perfect place for predators to sneak up on them and their young.

-Use scarecrows, lasers, noise devices, eyespot balloons and/or flags and streamers that are naturally intimidating to the geese and make those areas less habitable.

-Do not feed the geese!

-Post signs in different areas around the lake that remind people to stop feeding the geese.  They can say something like, "Too many geese in one area may force the municipality to have them killed: please don't feed the geese!".


This petition will soon be sent to:

Whidbey Environmental Action Network (WEAN)

Whidbey Animal Guild (WAG)

Island County Audubon Society

Island County Commissioners


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    • Lindsay Ashby WESTPORT, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      Killing is not the answer, people must respect life! It is one thing to take the life of an animal to sustain human life, However taking like for the look of some grass is cruel and inhumane! These people have a place of authority, and should likewise be ashamed of the shallow and disrespectful role modal they are portraying to children...Shame on you.......

    • Nancy Lyon ASHLAND, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      We are former residents of Honeymoon Lake and are keeping close track of the developments to live reasonably with wildlife. We love the momentum that has been generated since last summer. Thanks for your great efforts!

    • John Hurd CLINTON, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      Get a clue you Republicant, short-sighted, ignorant, idiotic, exhaust-spewing, capitalist corporatation-loving, pieces of slippery goose guano.

      At least if you're going to off some innocent geese have the cojones to do it yourself and then shuck all those feathers, pick out the buchshot and roast the birds fer chrisake! Happy feasting. Hope you choke on it and break a crown on a piece of buchshot you missed.

    • Isla Dubendorf FREELAND, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      You live on Whidbey Island! On a lake! You should expect to be surrounded by beautiful nature and creatures that also call this place home. If you don't like the geese than either move or use one of the MANY humane ways to keep the geese off your lawn. This isn't just your home-it's theirs too!

    • Joan Olson LYNNWOOD, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      The elimination of the geese due to a few individuals that do not appreciate wildlife outrages me and I feel that it is a selfish act on their part. They should have never moved out to an area that by nature is home to the wildlife if they cannot live in harmony with them.


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