Autumn Pasquale Deserves Justice - strengthen the sentence of her murderer
  • Petitioned Hon. Walter L. Marshall, Jr., J.S.C.

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Superior Court Judge - Vicinage XV (Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem Counties)
Hon. Walter L. Marshall, Jr., J.S.C.

Autumn Pasquale Deserves Justice - strengthen the sentence of her murderer

    1. Susan DeFrance
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      Susan DeFrance

      Glassboro, NJ


We understand that your honor has the ability to strengthen a sentence made under a plea bargain, and that Criminal Division judges are not bound by the agreement when deciding and rendering sentences.

The confession made by Justin Robinson during allocution is that of a cold-blooded, calculated murder, and not that of aggravated manslaughter.

We respectfully ask that your honor uses his discretion and allow the town of Clayton - indeed all of the citizens of Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem Counties and the great state of New Jersey - to be protected from this defendant beyond the 17year sentence.

We understand the ramifications of this action, but also understand that every standard has an exception and this case is it. 

We plead that your honor remembers Autumn's innocence as she was lured to that house by someone she knew and trusted as a school-mate, teammate of her brother and neighbor.  Please remember the fear she must have endured and the pain of her family in that realization.  Remember the actions taken after her death to dispose of her in a way that could only cause more pain to those that loved her.  Please, your honor, remember her smile and the joy she can no longer bring to her family.  Remember that Autumn will not have the opportunity to live her life, to one day have a family or to contribute to her community.  Her father will not be able to watch her walk down the isle at her wedding.  Her brother and little sister will never again hear her laughter.  All the while this defendent will be given these same opportunities as he will walk out at 30yrs old with his life in front of him. 

Please, your honor - Give Autumn's death a shade of meaning - in that she may be the reason other lives are saved from her fate by the hands of this defendant.


Hon. Walter L. Marshall, Jr., J.S.C., Superior Court Judge - Vicinage XV (Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem Counties)
Autumn Pasquale Deserves Justice - strengthen the sentence of her murderer

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      Susan DeFrance
      Petition Organizer

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      Autumn Pasquale murder: Thousands sign petition, support stronger sentence for Clayton girl's killer

      More than 4,800 people think Justin Robinson, the admitted killer of Clayton pre-teen Autumn Pasquale, should get a harsher prison sentence than the 17-year plea agreement. An online petition, established by friends of the Pasquales, has accumulated at least 4,866 signatures in the week since it was created.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Michelle Klose PITMAN, NJ
      • 8 months ago

      I am signing because it is my friends' niece and want this to be served by justice.

    • Justin Stewart CLEMENTON, NJ
      • 12 months ago

      The judge is a f*cking asshole for not giving a stronger sentence to these 2 individuals Autumn will never have the justice she so rightly deserves and it breaks my heart.

    • DonnaMarie Gresko PIPERSVILLE, PA
      • about 1 year ago

      You should not be able to take the life of a child and only get 17 years! Murders' belong in prison where they can be controlled and not hurt anyone else for as long as they live! This was a senseless and selfish murder for his own gratification.

    • Anthony Liberto BELLMAWR, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      When people commit murder and there is not question who the guilty parties are, they should should be put to death. Its unfortunate that Jersey has no death penalty so they should get life. Releasing this savage is unbelievable. His brother will be released in what will be a short period of time. Both these murderers will be free and Autumn is gone forever. Whats wrong with this picture. Its a F'N disgrace what people get away with today. Fry these 2 animals.

    • Neka Ellerby PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • about 1 year ago

      This little innocent child deserves justice. Her life was cut over a bike. She will never graduate, go to prom, college, her married or have children. SMH


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