Stop selling glue boards that cause days of suffering before death.
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Stop selling glue boards that cause days of suffering before death.

    1. adam johnson
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      adam johnson

      Cincinnati, OH

There are currently more than enough effective means of controlling 'pests', both leathal and non-leathal, in today's marketplace that it is important for the world's largest home improvement retailer to take the lead and put an end to the unneeded suffering of animals; that although they may seem insignificant -- play a major role in nearly all of our ecosystems, and more importantly, can endure pain and suffereing much in the same way that we can.

In Defense of Animals states:
Glue traps are often used to catch mice, rats, sparrows and other small birds, and is thought by some to be a more humane method of catching small animals that are seen as pests. Glue traps, however, are an extremely cruel method of catching animals. If people understood the degree of cruelty associated with the use of glue traps, they would want no part of them.

A 1983 test that evaluated the effectiveness of glue traps found that trapped mice struggling to free themselves would pull out their own hair, exposing bare, raw areas of skin. The mice broke or even bit off their own legs, and the glue caused their eyes to become badly irritated and scarred. After three to five hours in the glue traps, the mice defecated and urinated heavily because of their severe stress and fear, and quickly became covered with their own excrement. Animals whose faces become stuck in the glue slowly suffocate, and all trapped animals are subject to starvation and dehydration. It takes anywhere from three to five days for the mouse to finally die. This is nothing less than torture.

Because of the cruelty of glue traps, many veterinarians have issued affidavits opposing their use. In one such document, Dr. Robert M. Lynn stated, "In my estimation, there is much suffering by the entrapped animals. It is not a sudden or merciful death, but one brought on by starvation and thirst." Dr. Dianne Ferris added, "Because all mammals have similar nervous systems, they are capable of experiencing the same type of pain and suffering. Thus, rodents suffer as much as any other mammal and are capable of being traumatized and abused."

Anyone who has ever witnessed a small mouse or bird struggle on a glue board can and will attest: Just becuase it is not illegal to glue and animal down until it dies, does NOT mean we should should do it. It is time for The Home Depot to follow one of its own core values and "Do the Right Thing" and put an end to these awful traps. Once Home Depot ends this suffering other retailers will follow. It is time.


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    2. Glue Traps Won't be Around for Retirement

      adam johnson
      Petition Organizer

      October 2011

      Thanks to people like you who help spread the word more and more groups and organizations are fighting these "pans of pain" -- as many have dubbed them.

      When concerned Social Security Administration (SSA) staff reported the use of glue traps at SSA's Maryland offices, PETA contacted SSA officials, who graciously agreed to remove glue traps from all offices and switch to alternative methods of animal control.


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    • janice ross HAMILTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      Absolute shame!!!

    • martha waye ST.PAUL, MN
      • over 2 years ago

      the waye family wants to do business with home dupot and business between us will have nothing to do with the government or the banks in cause the waye family are poor,but we have lands to start the business on.If you work with us and with deals we have to offer,you will benefit as well.Hearing from you soon will be murch better. your's martha waye

    • animal lover CUMBRIA, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 2 years ago


    • Ginger Neimo ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I rescued a mice on one of these traps. He some how managed to drag himself and the board in view where he could be seen. I put him under water and freed him and put him out side. To make a very long story short I did what I could to try to get it banned - but no luck. Any idiot can buy these mouse traps here in adelaide. I never knew my work place had them until I saw it and when I did some searching found alot of them all well hidden. What idiot came out with this idea I hope they suffer real bad one day, as all animals and other things that die, on this glue board have over the years.

    • Grace U. CHARLOTTE, NC
      • almost 3 years ago

      This cruelty is awful. It should be illegal.


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