Hold ALL of America's politicians accountable for their words!
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Hold ALL of America's politicians accountable for their words!

    1. Shannon Stewart
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      Shannon Stewart

      Orlando, FL

Businesses are not the only ones who advertise to Americans. Politicians also advertise their services to us; *they* are the product. America's politicians should be held to the same "Truth in Advertising" standards as any other business attempting to sell goods or services to the American public!

American citizens have a RIGHT to be able to trust that their candidates & representatives are not lying to them in the same way that the businesses selling them potato chips or lawn mowers cannot lie to them!

U.S. Truth in Advertising Laws state:

>>Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive

>>Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims

>>Advertisements cannot be unfair

An ad is considered deceptive if it contains a statement - or omits information - that:

>> Is likely to mislead consumers (voters) acting reasonably under the circumstances; and

>> Is "material" - that is, important to a consumer's (voter's) decision to buy or use the product (or vote for the politician).

To ensure the aforementioned, the American People demand the creation of a Truth in Political Advertising Act by Congress, and the implementation of a non-partisan Voter Protection Agency for enforcement of that Act and to help protect the rights & interests of all American voters!

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    • Judith Perry NEWTON, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      Politicians need to be accountable to their constituents. To start with, we need to know what these people stand for, not how they can sway public opinion of them by being dishonest.

    • Jon Vecellio BELLEAIR, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      As a member of the No Labels movement, we are 100% behind restoring accoutability to DC. Hyper-partisanship is killing our governmental efficiency. Cross the aisle and get things done. It is not the job of Congress members to just win a popularity contest every election cycle. We left that at the prom.

    • Cory Strachan HOLLAND, MI
      • over 2 years ago


    • Robert Martin HOUSTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I think we need a law that says that in order to call News "News" it should be factual. If it's opinion then label it as such. I'm so tired of arguing talking points with ignorant people. And it starts with lying poloticians.

    • Tom Hopkins EWA BEACH, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      It's time for the politicians to earn the trust of the American people!


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