Stop deleting items from their inventory completely
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Stop deleting items from their inventory completely

    1. Harmony Schreiner
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      Harmony Schreiner

      United States, NE

Hobby Lobby is a widely spread chain of hobby stores specializing in many different types of supplies, including jewelry. With its wide variety of items readily available to just walk in and buy, Hobby Lobby attracts the owners of many small jewelry and craft businesses, making it easy and quick to get the supplies necessary for the job. For certain items, Hobby Lobby appears to be the only supplier among both craft stores and internet shops. But what happens if the item doesn't sell enough in store, and they decide to eliminate it completely, rather than keeping it available on their website? Independent jewelry shop owners are deprived of an important component to the things that they make every day and thus, their business is hurt. Being a small business owner is tough to begin with, but if one small, but crucial component becomes unavailable, it could cause the business to fold.
While it is understandable that a company would not want to ship an unpopular item all over the country just so that it can not get bought, there is no really good reason that the item cannot be left available online only, rather than just deleting it completely.
It could still make money for the company, and it would still be accessible to those who need it.
If you would, please take the time to sign this petition. It could help so many small businesses.

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    • Heidi R AUSTIN, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I will be surprised if anything actually happens as a result of this petition, but it would be nice to see a store like Hobby Lobby pay attention to customer's wishes and keep their online stock based on the interest shown here.


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