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Stop lying that HIV causes AIDS.

HIV-Negative AIDS?

    1. Making LemonAIDS Foundation www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.com
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      Making LemonAIDS Foundation www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.com

      Boston, MA

The medical establishment will have you believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome&Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS&ME) is some sort of mysterious illness, but it’s no mystery to me; CFS&ME leads to NON-HIV AIDS, idiopathic CD lympocytopena (I.C.L.), a clinical diagnosis I possess.

How can the AIDS establishment continue with a stale "it's caused by HIV" theory when there are I.C.L. cases cited in medical journals dating back to 1992?  While millions of ailing immunodeficient CFS&ME patients get belittled and neglected, perfectly healthy HIV+ people are allocated billions of dollars in taxpayer money.  How can it make sense to anyone?

In the U.S. last year, the NIH spent $3.1 Billion of our tax money drugging perfectly healthy HIV+ people.  Sick, ailing immunodeficienct (some of us dying) CFIDS patients received $6 Million. How can it make sense to you? source: report.nih.gov/categorical_spending.aspx

It's so easy to see that the medical establishment simply has these paradigms (CFIDS, HIV) inverted.  AIDS patients are simply more CFIDS patients, who also happen to harbor a seemingly harmless virus, HIV.  AIDS patients are just the tip of the CFIDS iceberg, and it's already well-documented that HIV is not the cause.

How else do you explain why there is no CFS&ME pandemic in the HIV+ population?  CFS&ME should not discriminate.  How is it that all those "high risk" populations do not have what CFS'ers have in their "low risk" bodies?

The answer is: THERE IS!

Any otherwise perfectly healthy HIV+ person that is:

1) symptomatic,
2) better on ARV's, and/or
3) severely immunosuppressed (AIDS)...

...is an undiagnosed CFIDS patient.

Putting causal pathogens aside, simply rename CFIDS, ME, and AIDS all to be "low natural killer cell disease" and only diagnosis patients with "low NK cells" with it.  Everyone would clearly see that:


low NK cell disease =

one catastrophic pandemic *

* not caused by HIV

Allied NATO government sold-out global public health for sake of profit --> industry, oil, and Orwellian greed.

Now that the mystery has been solved, could we please stop wasting time and re-allocate all HIV funding into CFIDS/ME/AIDS research?

8 Step Plan - to resolve our World’s catastrophic public health disaster:

1.  Demand research funding parity for CFIDS with AIDS.
2.  Suggest that CFIDS & AIDS be researched together by scientists rather than as separate entities.
3.  Urge the CDC to move their AIDS division under the CFS umbrella so they research all the infections that AIDS and CFIDS have in common.
4.  Urge that AIDS organizations (like AmfAR) include CFS under their umbrellas so that CFS advocates don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
5.  Demand that the White House, Fauci and the Director of NIH make a public statement that (just from what we know today) in terms of the immune dysfunction and human suffering, CFIDS/ME is just as serious a public health problem as AIDS.
6.  Request that an annual international joint CFIDS/AIDS conference be held by the WHO.
7.  Rename all HIV/AIDS community centers to be CFIDS/AIDS and only provide free benefits/services to the sick.
8.  Suggest that next December 1st be declared the first “World CFIDS/AIDS Day."

For more about NON HIV AIDS: www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.com

or simply google "non hiv aids"

Stop lying that HIV causes AIDS.
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Allied NATO Government.
My 5-min federal testimony on NON HIV AIDS from the recent CFS advisory committee metting:

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      ● PROOF! A New Designer “AIDS”

      We at Max Resistance we’re shocked by this personal story of Karen Lambert, we are so pleased she contacted us to put her story forward and support her on this important journey.

      Karen has fought this battle bravely with the main stream media refusing to acknowledge or report on this. Which leaves it up to us in the Alternate Media to spread her plight."


      Or simply google "NON HIV AIDS"

      ● PROOF! A New Designer "AIDS" We at Max ...

      ● PROOF! A New Designer "AIDS" We at Max Resistance we're shocked by this personal story of Karen Lambert, we are so pleased she contacted us to put her story forward and support her on this important journey. Karen has fought this battle bravely with the main stream media refusing to acknowledge or report on this.

    2. "The AIDS-Like Disease Seldom Mentioned - UK Progressive

      UK PROGRESSIVE published one of my letters about NON HIV AIDS.

      This marked it’s 9th publication on 4 continents. This topic has been censored from mainstream media since 1992.


      I hope that you will continue to support this humanitarian issue, and spread-the-news too (e.g., write a story, add to your e*Newsletter and/or post on Facebook/Twitter).

      Vive La Revolución‏!

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 11 months ago

      An ex-tenants began to terrorize us because we have noticed that he is a drug addict and probably that he has AIDS. We think he didn't tell his girlfriends and his wife anything! He infected them deliberately with Aids.

      AIDS is a medical condition. A person is diagnosed with AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infections.

      Since AIDS was first identified in the early 1980s, an unprecedented number of people have been affected by the global AIDS epidemic. Today, there are an estimated 34 million people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide.

      Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, shortened AIDS, is caused by HIV. Some people may refer to AIDS as advanced HIV infection.

      HIV is a virus that gradually attacks immune system cells. As HIV progressively damages these cells, the body becomes more vulnerable to infections, which it will have difficulty in fighting off. It is at the point of very advanced HIV infection that a person is said to have AIDS. If left untreated, it can take around ten years before HIV has damaged the immune system enough for AIDS to develop.

      A person is diagnosed with AIDS when they have developed an AIDS related condition or symptom, called an opportunistic infection, or an AIDS related cancer. The infections are called ‘opportunistic’ because they take advantage of the opportunity offered by a weakened immune system.

      It is possible for someone to be diagnosed with AIDS even if they have not developed an opportunistic infection. AIDS can be diagnosed when the number of immune system cells (CD4 cells) in the blood of an HIV positive person drops below a certain level.

      Worryingly, many people think there is a 'cure' for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS - which perhaps makes them take risks that they otherwise wouldn't. However, there is still no cure for HIV. The only way to ensure that you avoid AIDS is to be aware of how HIV is transmitted and how to prevent HIV infection.

      However, people can take antiretroviral treatment, which suppresses the HIV virus. This can prevent them from reaching a point where they are diagnosed with AIDS. Also, in some cases, it is possible for a person who has an AIDS diagnosis to regain a strong immune system with antiretroviral therapy. However, once somebody is diagnosed with AIDS, officially they keep this diagnosis for life even though in reality an opportunistic infection may be cured or the number of immune system cells (CD4 cells) in their blood may increase to recommended levels

      Since the first cases of AIDS were identified in 1981, more than 30 million people have died from AIDS. An estimated 1.7 million people died as a result of AIDS in 2011 alone.

      Although there is no cure for AIDS, HIV infection can be prevented, and those living with HIV can take antiretroviral drugs to prevent or delay the onset of AIDS. However, in many countries across the world access to prevention and treatment services is limited. Global leaders have pledged to work towards universal access to HIV prevention and care, so that millions of deaths can be averted.

      How is AIDS treated?

      HIV TreatmentAntiretroviral treatment can significantly prolong the lives of people living with HIV. Modern combination therapy is highly effective and someone with HIV who is taking treatment could live for the rest of their life without developing AIDS.

      An AIDS diagnosis does not necessarily equate to a death sentence. Many people can still benefit from starting antiretroviral therapy even once they have developed an AIDS defining illness. Better treatment and prevention for opportunistic infections have also helped to improve the quality and length of life for those diagnosed with AIDS.

      Treating some opportunistic infections is easier than others. Infections such as herpes zoster and candidiasis of the mouth, throat or vagina, can be managed effectively in most environments. On the other hand, more complex infections such as toxoplasmosis, need advanced medical equipment and infrastructure, which are lacking in many resource-poor areas.

      It is also important that treatment is provided for AIDS related pain, which is experienced by almost all people in the very advanced stages of HIV infection.

    • blurey reyblu HONOLULU, HI
      • almost 2 years ago

      h.i.v. - and h.i.v. + a.i.d.s. has been "forgotten" many agencies no longer help those that need it the most...the long term survivors that are still struggling with what is still a death sentence.

    • chris byron LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 2 years ago

      i have CFS

      • about 2 years ago

      I have had terrible M.E. since 1985, which has stolen my life as a wife and a mother

    • Alain Broché GENT, BELGIUM
      • about 2 years ago

      To suport pepeole who needs help.


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