Stop the killing of over 13,000 animals at the Hillsborough Animal Shelter!
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Stop the killing of over 13,000 animals at the Hillsborough Animal Shelter!

    1. John D Marinello
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      John D Marinello

      tampa, FL

July 2012


Thank you for signing the petition and being a voice for the over 20,000 homeless animals abandoned every year in Hillsborough County. You will be happy to know that your voice has been heard and there have been exciting developments since the petition was created. Recently, a new Director of Animal Services was hired who has already been successful with implementing the No Kill/Save 90 program in Austin, TX. But he, and WE at The Alliance to Save 90 still need your help. In order for the new Director to be successful with saving 90% of the homeless pets in our county, he will need your support more than ever. The shelter needs volunteers for foster care, donations, help with the animals and adoptions. We need to continue to spread awareness of Save 90 to our community and our County Officials. To keep you informed and let you know how you can help, we need you to sign up at our website so we can email you when there is important news about our shelter. Please go to and enter your email address where indicated. It would also be very helpful if you shared this with your friends and family, and followed us on Facebook. Please continue to be a voice for homeless animals, the animals need you! It will take no more than one minute to do and could make the difference in saving many more animals here in Hillsborough County. Thank you for your support! The Save 90 Team.

Since October 1996, Tampa Florida, Hillsborough County Animal Services has killed 355,445 dogs and cats. That's about 24,000 a year. 460 a week. Every day of every year. Year after year. The citizens of Hillsborough County have been taught to believe that this is an unavoidable situation because there just are not enough homes for all the animals, and that it is the citizens who are responsible for the problem. In reality, there is an imminent solution that can change the save rate of animals from its current dismal 34% to over 90%.
It's called Save 90 and there are now over 30 cities throughout the US that have ended the killing of adoptable pets. Cities like San Francisco, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Reno and Austin. From the East Coast to the West Coast, from the poorest to the richest cities, the Save 90 method works and it will work here.
But it will not work without your help. Why? Because the single most important factor in reducing the kill rate is having an animal shelter that is committed to embracing this method and rejects excuses for killing animals as a means of animal control. Unfortunately, that will not happen without the voice of the community demanding it happen.
We ask that you sign our petition which demands that the Hillsborough County animal shelter stop the needless, daily killings of dogs and cats, that they adopt and fully implement the proven successful 11 step strategy of the Save 90 Equation, and that they hire a shelter leader who is focused on the quality of their lives, not the expedience of their deaths.
In addition, we ask for a formation of a Hillsborough Citizens Committee that will assist in helping to implement the Save 90 equation.

To learn more about the Save 90 movement visit us at

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    2. Animal shelter no-kill policy gains ground in Hillsborough County

      John D Marinello
      Petition Organizer

      Progress has been made in our fight to stop the killing of thousands of animals in Hillsborough county in Florida...but there is much more work to do before we reach our goal. Currently there are still some people who do not believe it is possible or feel that it would not work here, even though 34 municipalities throughout the country are saving over 90% of the animals taken into their shelters. We have to let our county commissioners know that the people of Hillsborough County are truly behind our cause. I ask anyone who resides in Hillsborough county to please email their Commissioner to let them know where you stand. If you do not know how to contact them or are not sure who your Commissioner is please go to:

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    Reasons for signing

    • Peter MacGregor WHITIANGA, NEW ZEALAND
      • almost 2 years ago

      Animals are important.

    • Libby Tobaison BRANDON, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Animals are a precious gift from God. They are as important as people to me and deserve life. I don't have a son or a daughter, however I have my beloved cat which is my child.

    • Tracey Hill TAMPA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      We are all God's creatures. It is our responsibility to take care of those that can't take care of themselves

    • R Lee WICHITA, KS
      • about 2 years ago

      because we should treat all animals with dignity and respect.

    • Debra Brown RIVERVIEW, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      It is PAST time for the killing to STOP. A "civilized" society cannot allow this to continue. There are other alternatives, PROVEN alternatives.


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