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Grant a teach out to Mountain State University PA Program through July 2014

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      Stacey Humphrey

      Daniels, WV

We are 2nd year graduate students at Mountain State University (MSU) in Beckley, WV. Mountain State University’s accreditation is being revoked by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), effective August 27, 2012. Our physician assistant program, however, has maximum accreditation by the ARC-PA until March 2017. There are 40 students in the graduation class of 2014. Without belonging to a university that is in good standing with the HLC, our program’s accreditation does not matter to our future, since we cannot register for classes or complete our education here. Furthermore, because we are a specialized program with an equivalent yet varied curriculum from other PA programs nationwide, we have been informed that we are NOT eligible for transfer into another program at the level we currently hold. We have also been told that even with the situation at hand, we will not receive priority application status at any other PA program. Loan forgiveness is not an option for us either, since we have to be enrolled within 90 days of the university closing… and with the current appeal that MSU is working on, that 90 day window will no longer apply to us if MSU does indeed close its doors. In addition to these things, we now have knowledge that even if our program was granted a teach out agreement, it would apply for only one year… which would thankfully be long enough to usher the class of 2013 through, but since our class still has two years left before we can graduate, we would NOT be eligible for the teach out unless MSU requests the time extension, and the HLC grants it.

This is where you come in. We are requesting that all family, friends, and members of all caring communities please sign this petition to have the HLC 1) grant the teach out and 2) extend the timeframe to include our class. Please read our plea to the HLC in the petition letter section.:

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    • Tammy Saad MILANO, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Because everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve success.

    • Helen Sandoval MURRIETA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      In support of these students who have worked hard in furthering their education. I am in somewhat of the same situation at the school that I am attending so I have empathy for each and everyone of these students. They should not be left high and dry.

    • Kathye Dunsmore BLUE RIDGE, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Everyone is happy to take their money while in school, now, they will not have a way to earn money to pay back any loans, or they are out the money they saved. What happened to good faith? This is appalling. PA school does not come cheap, and these students are being cheated out of an education and their money. Where are the lawyers? Is there federal funding involved? Contact your local US Attorney's Office.

    • Betty Chafin BECKLEY, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      It is not the fault of the students that the school lost it's accreditation. They should be allowed to finish and receive their degrees.

    • Glenita Booten WILLIAMSON, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      Because we need health care in the southern part of West Virginia and I would like to think that some of the students at MSU would stay in the area after graduation.


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