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extend this vile womans sentence.Never return the baby to her mother.

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      england, United Kingdom

The baby at the time of this recording was 8 months old, and her abusive mother, 19 years old. The one woman who was supposed to care and nuture her, beat her for four minutes +.  

This woman is clearly completely incompetent to look after this child and the child is returned to herim sure she will suffer a terrible fate. 

This woman is a danger to ALL children and should be kept locked up for the safety of others. To think that this baby may be returned to this evil woman at the end of November when her sentence finishes, is disgraceful. 

According to news article, and a press-release by the Royal Malaysian Police, the woman video-recording was afraid to intervene due to her friends unpredictable violent outbursts, but was concerned for the babies safety after witnessing the woman abusing her on previous occasions, there has even been claims that this lady has beaten other peoples children. 

At one point, she shouts at the woman, telling her she will kill the baby girl--that is the gravity of this woman's ability to harm. 

According to Arjunaidi Mohamed, the Chief of Police in Petaling Jaya, the suburb of Kuala Lumpur where the attack took place once this video was recorded the lady took it to police as evidence and the woman was arrested later that day. 

The baby girl is currently in foster care and doing 'very well' according to the Deputy Director of the Children Division of the Social Welfare Department. The Director added that monthly checks are made on the family who is of no relation to the mother.

There was circulated speculation that the mother had been raped before committing the atrocities but the police stated this was false and attributed her actions to simple “frustration.”  

She is currently serving a sentence of only 18 months due to end NOVEMBER 2012. Before the courts make a decision as to whether or not the child should be returned to her custody, she will go through a rigorous evaluation. 

We have six months to get as many signitures as possible before this petition will be submitted to all relevant parties.

This woman should NEVER receive custody of her daughter, or any other children, again. She should have her sentence extended to reflect the seriousness of her crimes and to make sure that in the future she never has the parental responsibilty any responsibilty of looking after a child.

Thank-you for taking the time to sign, you can make a difference.

These are the contact details of Senior officials who the petition will be sent to they have been categorized in the highest order in Malaysia and included are senior members from the Court, Police and Social Welfare. You can also email them and express your concerns-please remember to give the link to this petition in your emails-remember keep it clean-bad language will get us nowhere.

1. President of the Court of Appeal -  The Right Honourable Tan Sri Dato` Seri Md Raus Bin Sharif,

email : mdraus@kehakiman.gov.my

2. Royal Malaysia Police - Mr. Arjunaidi Mohamed, Chief of Police in Petaling Jaya, Royal Malaysia Police.

Email : mcc@rmp.gov.my

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/PolisDirajaMalaysia
3. Department of Social Welfare - Top management

    Respected Hadzir b. Md. Zain - hadzir@jkm.gov.my
    Respected A.Ainul Yakin bt. Mohd Siraj - ainul@jkm.gov.my

4. Department of Social Welfare - Children Division

    Respected Arfan b. Sulaiman - arfan@jkm.gov.my
    Respected Nor Hasnida bt. Nah Rawai -                   norhasnida@jkm.gov.my


Thanks to Veronica for taking the time to find these contact details, your support is appreciated.


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    • Jeanne Marie Cuvelier CHATELINEAU, AP
      • about 2 years ago

      pour que cet ordur ne recupere jamais sa petite princesse et que cette puce ne subissent plus jamais ses horeur

    • A Vera BRANDON, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      tOh my God I just cried so much desperate that I could not get inside the video & safe this baby life from this cruelty they need to take that baby from that psyco!! This is sooo sick and sad,,I am sorry but I can not stop crying .. this afected me so much but definite I will sign the petition, she can not be released!!..My god they can not give this kid to this psyco...! The importance is the child safety plain and simple!

    • marilyne bernier WOODBRIDGE, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because children are to be protected and loved. Child abuse must end, and end for good.

      • about 2 years ago

      If this is real. I want to point out that a person that is capable of showing this level of malice towards their own blood is a danger to society. Protect this child from that monster. Never allow that woman out of jail.

    • Brittani Harden TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm a mother.


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