Hey Glenn Beck: Stop Spreading Lies About Global Warming
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Hey Glenn Beck: Stop Spreading Lies About Global Warming

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"Cap-and-trade is the biggest socialist scam, totally discredited climate change industry and zero warming for over a decade." - Glenn Beck, The Glenn Beck Program, April 23, 2010

Glenn Beck is at war with global warming science.

Even though we have all just sweated through the hottest six months and the hottest ten years on record, Glenn Beck is still on the air attacking global warming science and the solutions to address the issue. And despite recent polls showing 65 percent of Americans support a comprehensive energy and climate bill, Beck is still trying to discredit the very scientists who have proven global warming is a significant threat to the planet.

Facts don't matter much to Beck - he'll say just about anything to build up the size of his Fox News audience and increase the profits for his show.

While Big Polluters were dumping millions into their Washington lobbying efforts, Glenn Beck was stoking fear and mobilizing his fanatical FOX News audience in Congressional districts across the country. His goal from the beginning was to undermine sound global warming science and distort the facts about its true causes. In fact, Beck spent late 2009 and early 2010 flooding the airwaves with outrageous misinterpretations of e-mail exchanges stolen from prominent climate change scientists- all in a futile attempt to "prove" that global warming is not man-made. It was just this past spring that Glenn Beck again attacked global warming science stating, ""...it has become crystal clear that scientists fudged the data, lied about the numbers, gone out of their way to exaggerate the problem."

Let's set the record straight with Glenn Beck. Will you help flood Glenn Beck's inbox with emails supporting the sound and settled science on global warming?

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