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Hershey: Raise the Bar!

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      Raise the Bar, Hershey!

January 2012


On January 30th, The Hershey Company announced that it would make a commitment to purchasing Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa for all of its Bliss Chocolate products, starting later this year.

This commitment is a welcome first step for Hershey to improve its supply chain accountability. This is the first commitment that Hershey has made to using an independent, third -party certification system to ensure that its cocoa is grown sustainably, including the monitoring of forced and child labor.

This commitment also demonstrates that The Hershey Company acknowledges the severity of the labor abuses that taint the West African cocoa sector, from where Hershey sources the majority of its cocoa.

The members of the Raise the Bar, Hershey! Campaign congratulate Hershey on this first step to achieve greater supply chain accountability and hope that it will be the beginning of comprehensive supply chain traceability and certified child-labor free Hershey chocolate products.

We declare partial victory today because of this announcement. We achieved this through sustained, consistent consumer-based advocacy targeted at Hershey. We collected over 100,000 petition signatures, through Change.org and other sources, and organized petition deliveries, brandjamming contests, protests and Facebook rallies to blanket Hershey's wall with messages.

Hershey made its announcement less than one week after we announced that an ad would run during the Super Bowl that would highlight the company's use of child slavery in cocoa production.

While this is a tremendous step, the Raise the Bar, Hershey! Coalition will not end our advocacy here. We will continue to work to end child labor and exploitation in the cocoa industry and to push Hershey to increase traceability and justice throughout its chocolate supply chain.

It has been ten years since major chocolate companies, including Hershey, committed to ending child labor, forced labor and trafficking in their cocoa supply chains, these egregious labor rights abuses continue. A decade later, hundreds of thousands of children continue to labor in hazardous conditions in West Africa, particularly in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, and the US Department of Labor has noted five West African nations whose cocoa may be tainted by forced and/or child labor.

While many chocolate companies have taken steps to trace their cocoa supply chains and implement labor rights standards among their suppliers, Hershey lags behind its competitors in responsibly sourcing its cocoa. Unlike other companies, Hershey has not committed to sourcing cocoa for its main product lines that has been independently certified to comply with international labor rights standards. Tell Hershey to raise the bar and be a leader in sustainable chocolate and shift toward Fairtrade Certified cocoa!

For more information and action ideas, please visit the Raise the Bar Hershey campaign.

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      The Raise the Bar Hershey campaign released a new report today analyzing the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives and found that Hershey continues to lag behind its competitors in addressing child labor and trafficking in its cocoa.

    7. We reached 15,000 signatures!

      We have officially reached over 15,000 signatures on this petition! Let's keep spreading to word so that 20,000 consumers call on Hershey to stop child labor!

    8. Reached 15,000 signatures
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      One of the things that I have seen while campaigning to end exploitative child labor globally is that young people are often the most excited about taking action. When young people channel their energy and creativity to creating positive change...

    25. This Saturday, May 14th, is World Fair Trade Day! Help us build the pressure on Hershey to start sourcing Fair Trade Certified cocoa by asking your friends to sign this petition and taking action through Facebook and Twitter. Find out how here:


    Reasons for signing

    • Jenny Proudfoot MEADVILLE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Bring all those jobs back to Pennsylvania. This area will do just fine.

    • Allen Kirby ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • over 2 years ago

      Do Not exploit anyone for any thing. Shame on you I will never touch an other Hersheys product. Get with it you greedy bastards

    • Thomas J. Berna PITTSBURGH, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      ALL people have a basic human right to safe working conditions, access to food, healthcare, education... Hershey needs to know that we WANT them to raise the bar - we WANT to purchase Hershey chocolate.

    • Janet Berna PITTSBURGH, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Child slavery and trafficing is wrong!

    • Carmela Layson GARDENA, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm a chocoholic but I'm appalled to find out that one of my favorite treats causes so much pain, suffering, abuse of children and people in some parts of the world. Step up and Raise the Bar - Hershey!!


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