Stop the Mae Wong dam from destroying prime Tiger habitat.
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Stop the Mae Wong dam from destroying prime Tiger habitat.

    1. Darryl Sweetland
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      Darryl Sweetland

      Bangkok, Thailand

Over the last 20 years Mae Wong National Park has become a haven for Thai wildlife including Asian elephant, green peafowl, gaur, and most crucially, tiger. Mae Wong borders the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the few places left on the planet that still supports a viable tiger population. For many years Mae Wong has acted as a buffer for Huai Kha Khaeng, but now its habitat has recovered to the point that recent camera trap surveys revealed the presence of at least 8 tigers that had moved into Mae Wong from Huai Kha Khaeng. This clearly indicates that the years of protection and more than 300 million baht that has been spent on Mae Wong has transformed it into a fully functional ecosystem again.
Unfortunately this wonderful victory for Thai conservation, for which all Thai people should feel very proud, is about to be turned on its head by the construction of a dam that will inundate all of the lowland forest of Mae Wong NP, and thereby submerge for ever the most wildlife rich part of the park. The proposed dam project will cost Thailand at least 13 billion baht at latest estimates, will do nothing to alleviate flooding in the country, and will merely provide irrigation water to a small area of farmland and enhance the reputations of a small number of politicians. These farms could much more effectively and cheaply be irrigated using smaller, local projects, or even by merely repairing the existing system of canals.
An estimated 500,000 trees will be cut down to make way for this dam. These trees and the wildlife they support, already act as a much more effective natural balance than a reservoir could.
Thailand's National Parks and Wildlife do not belong to a few local farmers or politicians. The current generation merely has the pleasure of enjoying them, but at the same time carries the responsibility of safeguarding them for future generations. Tigers are on the brink of extinction in the wild and they need all the help that people of good will can give.
Please stop this crazy dam project and help maintain valuable tiger habitat in Mae Wong National Park.

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    2. Government will NOT listen to dam protests.

      Darryl Sweetland
      Petition Organizer

      The Bangkok Post recently published the following:
      The government will go ahead with the building of the Kaeng Sua Ten dam in Phrae and the Mae Wong dam in Nakhon Sawan and will no longer listen to opponents, Science and Technology Minister Plodprasop Surasawadi said on Sunday.
      "I would like to announce loudly today that this government has a policy to build these two dams for sure. We will no longer yield to the voice of opposition.
      "However, the government will stick to the principle of not causing trouble to the people and everything to be done must be allowed by the constitution and the law," Mr Plodprasop said.


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    4. At least 11 tigers now camera trapped in Mae Wong NP

      Darryl Sweetland
      Petition Organizer

      More camera trap footage has been published by WWF. To date they have identified 9 adults and two cubs close to the area that will be destroyed if the Mae Wong dam project goes ahead. The presence of cubs clearly indicates that the numbers of wild pig and deer in the area have recovered sufficiently to support breeding tigers.
      In a further development, research suggests that the construction of the dam will reduce fish supply in the area, requiring more land to be turned over to agriculture to make up for this shortfall, which in turn will require more water... and so the vicious cycle of failed policies based on lack of understanding of natural systems spirals to its inevitable lose/lose conclusion.
      Politicians pushing the dam project have promised that local people will plant large numbers of trees to make up for those cut down to build the dam. Clearly these people have no notion of what an ecosystem is, and merely think that trees alone make a forest!!

    5. WWF publish more tiger footage from Mae Wong NP on YouTube.

      Darryl Sweetland
      Petition Organizer

      As part of an ongoing camera trap project in Mae Wong NP, WWF have published another clip on YouTube of a mother with two cubs passing a camera trap. Some supporters of the Mae Wong dam project have claimed that there are no tigers in Mae Wong - perhaps they would like to look at the clips on YouTube.
      After a lull in signatures last week, we have picked up again as friends and contacts have started to pass the link on to other like-minded people. Action in Thailand is also increasing, with an alliance of conservation groups attempting to persuade the Government that the Mae Wong dam would not only destroy great wildlife habitat, but would fail to help alleviate flooding in the area. There are many much better, cheaper, and more effective solutions that would not require the construction of a dam in Mae Wong NP. If the better solutions are not adopted, one can only assume that the concrete industry is driving Government policy!!!

    6. Reached 1,000 signatures
    7. Great effort so far - we are nearly up to 1,000 signatures!!

      Darryl Sweetland
      Petition Organizer

      This Wednesday 20th June there will be a Tiger Mask rally at the offices of Thai PBS (TV station) in Bangkok. Apart from getting some publicity, it will also be great for the many different groups involved in this campaign against the Mae Wong dam to get to meet each other in person.
      I will be distributing leaflets so look for a surge in signatures after Wednesday!!!

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    9. Beautiful Tiger by L. Bruce Kekule

      Darryl Sweetland
      Petition Organizer

      This beautiful tiger was photographed by L. Bruce Kekule in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site bordering Mae Wong National Park. Huai Kha Khaeng and Mae Wong are part of the Western Forest Complex, one of the largest remaining forests in S E Asia and one of very few locations that can support a viable tiger population.
      It is essential that the integrity of the Western Forest Complex is not compromised for ANY reason, let alone for the construction of an unnecessary and expensive dam.

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