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State of Tennessee Hemp Laws

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      R S

      Cookeville, TN

Killing the Medical Marijuana Bill sends many terminal patients to their graves unnecessarily as we have a known cure, Hemp. Patients and the Public are very well educated on the Healing Power of Hemp Oil. It's obvious The Great State of Tennessee Congressional Leaders favor voting with the money and money is their priority over human lives that could be saved with Hemp Medicines. Medical Marijuana isn't profitable in the eyes of corporations with lots of money to buy their way in order to sustain profits and all those wonderful jobs they have, all secure via Prohibition. We come together as Tennesseans and choose to live! This sham of Hemp Prohibition is declared a threat to Tennesseans. Our government has a low opinion for life. We dare say we want Hemp Oil to save our lives against a great many illnesses and failed Marijuana laws. We present our signatures as the most honorable way to simply convey to the TN House of Representatives, Congress and Senate we will not vote for candidates who do not support Medical Marijuana and at the same time we vow to vote and vote to pass legalization of Hemp Medical Products to save as many lives at present as possible. To delay is death to more that didn't have to die. That's murder, if your actions are killing patients and you know ahead of time, that's murder. Government calls it sacrificing lives for profits and that won't be tolerated and it will sure show in our voting. We pray the Voter Fraud dones not exist in Tennessee. 

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      R S
      by R S
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      I will use the signatures of this Petition to show just how much Tennesseans desire change in Tennessee's Hemp Laws at present and I will pass it to our Congressmen and Senators supporting legislation for Hemp. Our Petition will add much needed support in the House by simply presenting the over whelming fact of public support via this Petition and others like it. At present all we hear from legislators is that the issue of Medical Marijuana is so "Controversial,' at present that Politicians fear they will lose votes if they show any support. Like we're suppose to feel guilty for saving our lives and the lives of our loved ones? I think not!

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      • over 2 years ago

      I'm starting this Petition o save countless lives with Hemp Oil.


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