HELP US keep Bernard at home!! Bernard Pastor.
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HELP US keep Bernard at home!! Bernard Pastor.

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      Israel Valerdi

      Chicago, IL

 Bernard Pastor was brought to the US at age 3 to escape religious and military persecution in Guatemala. He graduated from high school last year top 5 in his class. His dream is to go to the seminary and serve his community as a pastor of a church.
He is American in every sense except for a Social Security Number. He often sang the National Anthem before his team’s soccer games, volunteered in music ministry at his church, and was even nominated to be Homecoming King.
On Saturday November 20, he was on his way to help at his church when he was involved in a fender bender. The police came, immediately took him to jail, and started deportation proceedings. He was transferred to a jail hours away from his friends and family and faces immediate deportation unless we act NOW.

He said he has been re-reading his Bible since his arrest.

“My life is in God’s hands, where it has always been,” said Pastor. “I am not praying for myself. It is better to pray for other people than oneself. I know I’m here for a purpose, even if I don’t know what it is. Not a leaf falls from a tree that God does not know about

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