Help us end rape in Boulder County
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Help us end rape in Boulder County

    1. Erica Lanier
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      Erica Lanier

      Longmont, CO

According to National Crime Victim Surveys, each year 1 in 4 college women report being raped, 84% of which knew their attacker. Studies of college campuses show that 43% of college men admit to using force in a sexual situation but have not faced legal prosecution. Additionally, it has been determined that fraternity members and sport teams account for 55% of all reported gang rapes in the U.S. A practical way that policy and rape culture in Boulder County can be changed is to increase education about rape laws, statistics, the cultural norms that perpetuate this epidemic, and the importance of bystander intervention. This is why we aim to require high-risk populations to attend rape awareness seminars. University of Colorado sports teams, athletic departments, and sororities all volunteer their time to rape prevention awareness presentations annually and/or semi-annually hosted by and/or supported by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office and Sexual Assault Unit, in collaboration with the University. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities currently do not participate. 

Ultimately, we hope that increasing rape prevention and awareness within the IFC through law enforcement collaboration will lead to a Greeks Against Sexual Assault organization, much like that created by Colorado State University IFC and sorority members through CSU Police Department collaboration.


In 2005 fraternities were split, with half abiding by laws and being legally represented by the University. These are known as Multi-cultural Greek fraternities. Multi-Cultural Greek fraternities and sororities consistently attend rape awareness seminars. Whereas Interfraternity Council fraternities (IFC) are not legally bound by University requirements. Therefore, there are no requirements for IFC members to attend presentations on rape prevention.

Interfraternity Council members (non-affiliates of the University) have historically declined participation in Boulder County rape awareness and prevention presentations and seminars. Interfraternity Council members justify this rejection by arguing that they host their own rape and alcohol awareness seminars. However, local rape statistics are increasing despite this development. Attempts to further understand the content and structure of the IFC seminars have been relatively unsuccessful. That said, our suggestion is that ALL fraternities, both Multi-cultural and Interfraternity, collaborate with University Professor Dr. Glenda Walden and local law enforcement’s current programs in order to reframe and provide consist information on the important topic of rape. This would help remedy any possible inconsistencies within fraternity rape education.

A focus has never been to make the IFC feel like we are accusing them of being an organization of rapists. That is most certainly not our intention. What we do want is to let them know that their support is crucial to this fight. Men can stop rape. We need strong men from our community to stand up with us and say “rape ends here.” But first all parties must be educated with consistent information regarding sexual assault prevention. Their proactive involvement can help change social norms regarding sexual interaction, it can help encourage bystander intervention through education, and it can help decrease the stigma of rape through awareness, support, and community outreach.


As young citizens of the community, Greek system member beliefs regarding rape are crucial to changing rape culture nationally. Changing laws surrounding a college town like Boulder, is a step toward encouraging other college campuses to increase rape awareness in the Greek system. Common practice among rape prevention awareness on college campuses is to educate females on self-protection. However, it is our belief that women need not be the only people responsible for preventing an assault; instead men need to be held accountable for their own actions and predatory decisions. 


Please sign this petition to tell the CU Interfraternity Council to collaborate with local law enforcement and to make annual rape prevention seminars mandatory for the Greek Community.


*In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month* Pay It Forward 


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    1. An unbalanced and uninformative representation of our cause and goals

      Erica Lanier
      Petition Organizer

      Jamie and I would like to express our extreme disappointment in the representation of our cause as well as the representation of Denim Days. We do understand the importance of making the community aware of the bad experience that one boulder fraternity had when trying to get involved in a rape awareness event. That said, we feel as though it completely overshadows the point of our efforts, the importance of the efforts of the members of the student body that actively fight this fight, and it places emphasis on boulder fraternities as victims to women's efforts to raise awareness, increase prevention, and get enthusiastic support from the male community. Additionally, the petition itself is not featured in the article which is another source of disappointment. While we are happy to get communication rolling with the IFC we do feel as though many important aspects of what we are doing and trying to accomplish have been taken over, yet again, by patriarchy.

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    Reasons for signing

    • scott brinckerhoff HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      everyone should understand rape and it's affects on individualls and society.

    • Kelly Bechter LITTLETON, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      b/c rape is a HUGE problem, and fraternity guys do not realize the severity and a lot of the forceful things they do, they do not interpret as illegal. They need to take these seminars more than any other group!!!!

    • Randall Blanchard CALDWELL, ID
      • over 2 years ago

      not enough awareness is available to people for this crime

    • Shaylee Sigg BOULDER, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      We need to stop pretending like rape never happens. 'Even in Boulder', as many people would claim with their false sense of Boulderite security. Sexual assault happens everywhere to people of all walks of life and it needs to be addressed. It is our responsibility as a community to make the detrimental effects of rape known and to use our voices to end these terrible acts against humankind. It starts here!

    • Erica Lanier LONGMONT, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Thank you for all of your support!


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