Help Support Jackson's Law: Change the Laws Regarding Dogs Killing Other Dogs- Encourage Responsible Pet Ownership
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Help Support Jackson's Law

Help Support Jackson's Law: Change the Laws Regarding Dogs Killing Other Dogs- Encourage Responsible Pet Ownership

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      Help Support Jackson's Law

Jackson's Law= Responsible Pet Ownership

Jackson, a 5lb Morkie was killed Easter Morning April 24, by a Pit Bull from an attack initiated by two 6lb poodles. He died on the way to the Emergency Vet. He was 18 months old.

The Story behind "Jackson's Law":

Please note that Jackson's Law is neither breed nor size specific. Our goal is to increase responsible pet ownership for all dogs regardless of breed or size.

On Easter, Dr. Jon Epstein was returning from walking our 5lb Morkie terrier and was actually about to enter our home, when our neighbors opened their door. What ensued was an attack on Jon by one of their smaller dogs and the owners had added a third dog, a large pit bull. The pit bull was not on a leash, was in violation of the Condominium’s bylaws and to our horror , her handlers allowed her out of the condo into the common area. Jon tried to get our dog Jackson out of harm’s way but since he was being attacked as well, our dog unfortunately succumbed to an aggressive, out of control and deadly attack by the pit bull. One of the residents resorted to punching the dog in the head to get it to release Jackson from its jaws.

We both witnessed the event and tried to save Jackson but he died on the way to the emergency vet. His skull had been crushed by the jaws of the pit bull and he lost almost ½ of his body weight in blood…although his injuries did not end there.

Jackson was not just a pet, or a dog, he was a member of our family, a trusted companion and my best friend. The tragedy is twofold, losing Jackson and knowing that the event of his death could have been avoided.

For three days we had to live within 10 feet of a dog that had killed our friend in front of us. We lived in fear that either we could be harmed or a neighbor could be bitten or the 18month child living in the residence could have been the next target.

Three adults, three dogs and one child resided in an 1100 square foot condo. The two dogs originally in residence had been showing aggressive behavior for a year, had attacked Jackson twice, bitten Jon twice and had also bitten our upstairs neighbor. We consistently warned our neighbors to train their dogs, we always waited to walk our dog so he was never around them, and other neighbors did the same. It was grossly negligent for our neighbors to introduce a third dog thus creating a pack environment when they had consistently demonstrated they were incapable of controlling 2 6 lb poodles.

Please note we do not blame the dog or the breed- the dog was following pack behavior, however we do hold the owners accountable for NEVER properly training their dogs and not having the foresight to properly handle a Pit Bull.

We would not wish this tragic experience on any other family. We believe that with some very simple changes to the laws in place, tragedies like this can be avoided and the next life that could be saved could be a child or adult.



Under “Jackson’s Law” : Jackson’s Law will protect those who cannot protect themselves.

**Any dog that kills another dog under this law will be deemed a dangerous animal. (unprovoked attacks)

** The dog must be removed from the premises and evaluated. (while under evaluation the owners will be responsible for paying any fees associated with the upkeep while in county custody)

**The owners must attend mandatory dog training and handling classes before obtaining their dog .

** There will be a fine and the funds will be given directly to the Humane Society and/or Animal Control.

** The dog must pass a Canine Good Citizenship Test.

** Owners are required to have the dog evaluated by a vet for possible physical causes for aggressive behavior and if treatable, must treat any issues.

We also feel that these changes will help financially support the Animal Control offices and the Humane Society, so that instead of costing taxpayers money, the fines, etc. will go back to the very organizations that are out there every day trying to make a difference but are understaffed and over worked.


PLEASE NOTE: Jackson's Law has recently teamed up with Fabian's Law which was passed in the state of Arizona. We ask that you visit their site to learn more. 

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    2. How Jackson's Law and Fabian's Law Work Together:

      Jackson's Law has recently teamed up with Fabian's Law , a statewide law passed in Arizona in 2011; Jackson's Law will also address and cover:

      Fabian’s Law (Jackson's Law) is not, has not, and never has been about Breed Select Legislation.

      Fabian’s Law (Jackson's Law) is about protecting the rights of Responsible Pet Owners who comply with State Laws and punishing those that allow their “aggressive dogs” to attack that result in either injury or death to a Person or Domestic Animal.

      A Person Who Owns Or Who Is Responsible For The Care Of An Aggressive Dog Shall Take Reasonable Care To:

      · Prohibit The Dog From Escaping To The Outside Of A Residence Or An Enclosed Area, Yard Or Structure.

      · Control The Dog In A Manner That Prevents The Dog From Biting Or Attacking A Person Or Domestic Animal At All Times While The Dog Is Off The Owner’s Or Responsible Person’s Property.

      · “Aggressive Dog” Means Any Dog That Has Bitten A Person Or Domestic Animal Without Provocation Or T

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      Thanks to everyone who is promoting the petition--we have received a record number of signatures in the past 30 days! Please keep passing it along!

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    5. Joining Forces!

      Jackson's Law has recently teamed up with Fabian's Law which was passed in Arizona. We invite you to visit their site: and learn more.

    6. Push for 1000 Signatures by April 19, 2012

      We will be making a presentation to the Animal Control Board- the closer we are to our goal of 1000 signatures the better chance we have of making an impact. Please share as much as possible!
      Thanks and Peace,

    7. Thank you everyone! We need 353 more signatures!

      We have had almost 30 signatures in the past week, thank you to everyone for your support. Please share this petition link so that we may reach our goal of at least 1000 signatures. Just in the past 2 weeks there have been 2 dog attack events in the Triad. Andrea Johnson lost her third dog to an unprovoked attack in her own back yard and a woman and her three dogs were attacked by a stray dog while she was walking. The time is now to act and make change possible. It is not the breed, it is not the size, it is saving lives.

    8. Thanks to everyone who has signed! Please keep sharing! Need 418 More!

      We need only 418 more signatures to reach our goal of 1000- we have currently 554 here and another 28 on paper...The petition has been presented and will be presented again in the next 90 days to the Forsyth County Animal Control Board.

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    10. Petition will be presented to the Forsyth Cty. Animal Control Board Nov 17

      We need as many signatures as possible between now and the 17th to demonstrate the support for Jackson's Law-please share.

    11. Invitation to Appear at Dogtoberfest!

      Hello all- we have been invited to appear and speak at Dogtoberfest in Dallas, NC Oct 22 AND we will be appearing in front of the Forsyth County Animal Control Board in November--we need at least 1000 signatures by Nov 6th! Please share the petition!

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      Our first milestone goal is 500 signatures! Please share!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 4 months ago

      "Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other."

      -- Louis J. Camuti

    • cheryl epstein SYRACUSE, NY
      • 5 months ago

      A recused pitbull mix broke off his leash. His owner that was holdo

      ing him was a police officer. The dog was so strong that he could not even restrain him. The dog was walking by my house. My Morkie was outside in my yard. The pit bull mix was up the Hill on a leash held by the Police Officer. My dog barked. The pit Bull Mix (rescue Dog) broke off her leash and ran and put my dog in its mouth. It locked its jaw down and proceeded to shake it. My husband who is a surgeon had to try to stick his hand in the dogs mouth to try and pry open the dogs jaw. The pit bull mix's owner was beating on the back of the dog. The pit bull mix would not unlock her jaw. The dog wanted to kill my 6lb Morkie! Finally my husband was able to pry its mouth open and get our dog. My dog had stiches on his shoulders. Is still not the same. After that incident the pit bull mix owner who we knew personally never appolog ized. asked how our dog was, NeverOffered to pay over 300.00 for the emergency room visit. .When my husband went down to the other neighborhood where they now live. He wanted the police officer's name. He was concerned about our dog. But never called us. The boyfriend said he did not have the number. and also said u know our dog was hurt to by the beating in the back end that he received, I recently went outside to walk my dogs in my neighborhood near my house. I looked to the right and saw the female owner walking that pit bull mix in my neighborhood again! She saw me and turned to go back down the hill.

    • Marisa Papalia KERNERSVILLE, NC
      • 6 months ago

      Keep our pets safe!

      • 6 months ago

      I have a small dog

    • Elaine Hayes GREENSBORO, NC
      • 6 months ago

      Dog owners need to be held responsible for their dog's behavior. If they don't have the inclination to train the dog themselves or the money to hire a trainer, then they do NOT need to have a dog.


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