Help Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana
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Help Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana

    1. Bryan D. Freehling
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      Bryan D. Freehling

      Wilton Manors, FL

As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy will conduct the confirmation hearings for Acting DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart.  Ms. Leonhart has been nominated by President Obama to be the new administrator of the DEA. 

Please urge Senator Leahy to aggressively question Ms. Leonhart about recent medical marijuana raids.

Over the past two months, the DEA has raided two separate laboratories that happened to run tests on the strength and purity of medical marijuana.  There have also been raids on two private cultivators in Colorado and up to 12 private cultivators in Hawaii.  To make matters worse, the federal government has assisted local law enforcement in dozens of other raids in California, Colorado, and Michigan. 

Let the U.S. Senate know that these actions are unacceptable. 

Urge U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy to ask Michele Leonhart tough questions about DEA medical marijuana raids.




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    2. Senator Blocks Obama's Pick to Head DEA

      Charles Davis
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      Michele Leonhart, President Obama's pick to head the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), has drawn the ire of medical marijuana activists for her embrace of federal raids on voter-approved cannabis dispensaries in states like California. But now...


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    • alex bearden SALEMBURG, NC
      • 10 months ago

      At this point in time, 2014, leave the legal Medical Cannabis, heck All Cannabis users alone, let them go, let them keep Opiates off the street!

    • Erin Dorn CORONA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I'm tired of the clinics being raided. Stop wasting money and find other alternatives.

    • Robert Lang BRONX, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Marijuana has much more physical and psychological benefits than 99% of the pharmaceutical "medicine" that is our country's' #2 cause of death per year.

    • Doug Lockman SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • almost 2 years ago

      These States have spoken for medical marijuana, the federal government should leave them alone. in fact the Feds should reclassify marijuana as a class 3 drug.

    • Kaecyy Tay-McCarthy PHOENIXVILLE, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is in the nature of war that all wars are wasteful. But not all wars are senseless.

      Yet to fight a war without applying the best available objective, empirical, scientific, and expert analyses, at all possible levels and opportunities— and without taking actions and crafting policies that implement the letter and spirit of the results of these findings— is to fight a war literally without intelligence... in both senses of the word.

      Sun Tzu dictates that to fight a war without intelligence, is to seek a guarantee that the war will be both wasteful and senseless.

      The War on Drugs is not an artful war, and it is not a war fought with intelligence— rather it is a malignant, superstitious relic from the dark ages… the World Wars, and Jim Crow. Begun three score and fifteen years ago, in the ashes of the First Prohibition on alcohol, this Second Prohibition has in fact proven with each passing year to be even more baseless and reprehensible than its predecessor. Looking clearly and dispassionately at the evidence, we can only rationally conclude that the War on Drugs has been a senseless waste of human lives and treasure.

      This is America’s longest war. Make no mistake— this is a real war, a shooting war, with hundreds of thousands of real deaths and POWs. And it is at the same time a fake war, a manufactured war— launched upon lies, without a scrap of evidence, and continued flying in the face of decades of reputable scientific research and good intelligence. It is also a civil war… which our own governments are fighting against the people of the world. With our own money.

      This is a war that is tearing families and friends apart, making enemies of natural allies, and pitting brother against brother.

      This is a war that all of us are losing… right now, as I write this.

      We the People will no longer respect the authority of governments, or their attendant laws and agents, that wage civil war on their own people.

      Any governing body that upholds unscientific legislation of broadly and acutely harmful effect— in this, the 21st Century— deserves not just the scorn, but even the open rebellion of its constituents.

      In this 21st Century, we not just as Americans but as the most powerful single community in our global human civilization will face a host of cold, hard, life and death challenges, with the highest stakes imaginable— from artificial intelligence to disease control to mass extinction to genetic engineering to overpopulation to climate change, to name a few, and on to challenges we haven’t realized or even imagined yet.

      These are wars that will have to be fought with intelligence, and the vision to plan 40 or 400 years ahead… not 4 years ahead. To meet them successfully, the challenges of tomorrow demand of us today the broad and successful implementation of scientific recommendations— at the personal, local, federal, and global levels.

      The future is far too dangerous for us to accept anything but a humanistic government that believes in science, and proceeds in its policies from that belief. Because it is the choices we make today, on scientific issues like this one, that— taken together in the vast swirling whole of human endeavor across the globe— will decide whether the future of human civilization rests in shining cities, or in drowned worlds.

      Any government in the 21st Century— particularly one as large and powerful as the United States— that does not proceed from a basis of scientific principles, is more than merely quaint or obsolete.

      It is a menace to our survival. It is a menace, in fact, not only to the long term well-being and survival of its own citizens— but it is a menace to the survival of the human species as a whole.

      It is a wasteful war to reform such governments. It is even more wasteful to tear them down.

      But it is not a senseless war.

      Sisters and brothers— citizens of the world, my fellow Americans. It is time for us to find another way.

      It’s time for all of us to end the War on Drugs. Together. It is time to speak out, to educate, to petition, to reform, and to rebel. It’s time to medicalize, to legalize, to regulate, and to tax. It’s time to release, rehabilitate, and reintegrate the prisoners. It’s time to be humane, to be responsible, and to move on together— to the real challenges we share.

      Science brought us to the Moon and Franklin. Superstition brought us to Salem and McCarthy.

      Help us to end this modern witch hunt. Around the world. Today.

      I’ll see you in the future.

      --Kaecyy Tay-McCarthy, Rebel Alliance, American Sector, Berlin


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