Help Stop Indiscriminate Coyote Killing in Calabasas, CA!
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Calabasas (CA) City Council
Calabasas (CA) City Council

Help Stop Indiscriminate Coyote Killing in Calabasas, CA!

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      Project Coyote

October 2011


The city council of Calabasas unanimously voted to prohibit any city funds from being spent on coyote trapping and to instead adopt a coyote management plan that shifts the focus from killing to coexistence.

This model plan comes after local resident and Project Coyote representative Randi Feilich Hirsch brought concerns over coyote trapping to the council in July. Working with Camilla Fox, executive director of the California-based Project Coyote and wildlife consultant with the Animal Welfare Institute, they helped the city create a plan that emphasizes long-term education, reduction of wildlife attractants, and implementing hazing for habituated coyotes.

Once the city had suspended coyote trapping to review their management plan, Project Coyote created a petition on that quickly gathered more than 9,000 signatures in support of permanently ending coyote trapping. The petition was presented at the public hearing ahead of the city council's final vote. Feilich Hirsch said, "It really shows that concerned citizens can speak up at the local level and make changes in city policy."

Join Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)  in urging the City of Calabasas, California to make permanent its temporary ban on indiscriminate coyote killing

After public outcry against the indiscriminate and cruel trapping and killing of coyotes in the City by a county trapper, the City temporarily suspended the killing pending further review.

The City is currently reviewing the issue and will submit a recommended course of action to the Calabasas City Council on Oct. 5th. This will be posted on the City's website on Oct. 5th for public review. There will be a public hearing on the issue on October 12th and the City Council will vote on the issue that evening. Check here (after Oct. 5th) for more information about the hearing and to see a copy of the proposed plan.

YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED!  Please sign this petition and submit comments  to the City Council via the City Clerk by email-

TALKING POINTS (please be respectful and personalize your message): 

*Commend the City of Calabasas for its decision to stop spending tax dollars on coyote trapping and killing and urge the City Council to make the temporary moratorium permanent.

* Indiscriminate trapping of coyotes is not an effective or humane solution to reduce real or perceived conflicts between people, coyotes, and domestic animals. Coyotes are here to stay. We must learn to coexist. Education is the key.

 *There are many effective non-lethal methods for reducing negative encounters between people, coyotes, and domestic animals. More info. here.

*Coyotes play an important role in keeping rodent populations in check and ecosystems clean of carrion (dead things). Coyotes also help to limit mescarnivoress (e.g. foxes, skunks) thereby helping boost bird population and diversity.

*We're here to help. Encourage the City of Calabasas to work with Project Coyote and AWI in adopting and implementing an ecologically and ethically sound long-term coyote coexistence plan that emphasizes public education, reducing coyote/wildlife attractants, and hazing of habituated coyotes.

Remember to include your name, address, and email when submitting public comments so that your comments will be counted in the official record!

Thank you for writing on behalf of America’s Native Song Dog!

Read more here:

Coyotes Seen as Friends, Not Enemies

Coyote Traps in Urban Area Cause Concern



Recent signatures


    1. Victory! California City Unanimously Votes to End Coyote Trapping

      The city of Calabasas, California, outside of Los Angeles, prides itself on being an environmentally-conscious community. So when resident Randi Feilich Hirsch pointed out that the city's contract with Los Angeles County to trap and kill coyotes...

    2. Reached 9,000 signatures
    3. City Council Hearing/Vote on Coyotes - TOMORROW (Oct. 12) - Please attend!

      What: City of Calabasas City Council hearing on “adoption of resolution No. 2011-1308, prohibiting the expenditure of City funds to trap coyotes and discussion of a Coyote Management Plan”
      When: October 12th @ 7pm
      Where: City Council Chambers of City Hall, 100 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, California
      (Check out the link for more info)

    4. Calabasas Environmental Commission wants residents and coyotes to coexist

      "The best way to change a coyote’s behavior and prevent attacks on people and pets is to first change the way humans act, say members of the Calabasas Environmental Commission ... To stop the Calabasas trappings, wildlife activists working with Project Coyote, a nonprofit organization promoting coexistence between people and coyotes, collected more than 6,000 signatures from around the world on an online petition."

    5. Progress! California Town One Step Closer to Coyote Coexistence

      The city of Calabasas, California contracts with Los Angeles County to trap coyotes. Until recently, that is. In July, several residents showed up at a City Council meeting to protest the cruel and inhumane trapping and urged officials to respect the...

    6. Reached 7,000 signatures
    7. Initial Victory! Your voices were heard!

      On 9.6 the Calabasas Env. Comm. voted unanimously in support of a progressive coyote coexistence plan that emphasizes public education. This issue now goes to the full City Council for consideration. Stay tuned for more updates!

    8. Reached 6,000 signatures
    9. Sept. 6th- public hearing on coyote trapping/killing in City of Calabasas

      The City of Calabasas Env. Comm. will take public comment on the coyote trapping/killing issue at its Sept. 6th mtg. (7 PM in the Council Chamber). Public comment period is for 3 minutes and it’s open to anyone who wishes to speak. More info.:

    10. San Francisco learns to coexist with coyotes

      "At a neighborhood meeting organized by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma in the Richmond District on Friday, animal experts kept it simple: They're here. There are more of them than ever. Get used to it."

    11. Reached 2,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Julia Ruiz SANTA ANA, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Because I want to do whatever I can to help ever single living creature in this world.

    • Honor Hannon SEBASTOPOL, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      When coyote,God's little song dog, is silenced the wold will be a desolate and lonely planet!

    • Sierra Lewis LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      This is their land, we are the unwelcome guests here. Treat them with respect and be educated about their habits and needs, don't kill them for living.

    • Eric Hiss LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Let's learn to show increased respect towards the amazing nature placed around us in a place like Calabasas. This includes original inhabitants like coyotes that were here long before us and are valuable for controlling rodent populations which can spread disease. We would all do well to better learn how to work with nature instead of enforcing our short-sighted will against it...

    • Elena Ennouri MENLO PARK, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Indiscriminate killing is never a solution - kudos on the moratorium - please make it permanent!


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