Help Senator Lesniak Protect New Jersey Sports and Music Fans
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Help Senator Lesniak Protect New Jersey Sports and Music Fans

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If you are a Devils season ticket holder, or love going to the Izod Center to see your favorite band, one thing is certain: New Jersey fans are frustrated by the ticketing industry that never seems to work in our favor and that is always raising prices. Now, we have an opportunity to do something about it. 

New Jersey lawmakers are considering legislation to ban robotic ticket-buying software that scalpers use to grab all the best tickets, and to stop Ticketmaster and its partners from controlling even more of the ticket market. Here’s how: 

Make Bots Illegal – How do shows sell out in seconds? “Bots” are software programs used by scalpers to scoop up hundreds of tickets in just a few of seconds. Bot software cuts the line and keeps you from getting tickets, forcing you to buy tickets from resellers if you want to attend the most popular concerts and events.  This legislation would make bots illegal in New Jersey.  

Tell Consumers the Truth – Did you know that concert promoters and event producers sometimes pre-sell almost 90% of concert and event tickets?  And many of the tickets given to sponsors and other VIPs end up on resale markets at jacked-up prices. This legislation requires ticket sellers to publicize when tickets will go on sale, and exactly how many will be available to the general public.

Guarantee Ticket Ownership – The legendary Ticketmaster monopoly is growing faster than ever, thanks to new “restrictive tickets.” With restrictive tickets you don’t own the tickets you buy – Ticketmaster and its partners still own them, and they decide what you can do with your tickets. Often, these tickets cannot be sold or even given away. If they are transferable, you might have to pay Ticketmaster an extra fee for the “privilege.” This legislation bans the use of unfair restrictive ticketing and ensures that you own the tickets that you buy.

For too long, the ticket industry has worked against the very people it should serve: the fans. Legislation to fix the ticket industry is now in the New Jersey Senate, but Ticketmaster and industry insiders are opposing it.  Thank Senator Lesniak for standing with in support of ticket reform.

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    • Nancy Schmatz CRANFORD, NJ
      • 10 months ago

      Consumers cannot get a fair chance of buying decent tickets due to scalpers and resellers. It's time for a change, so everyone has an opportunity to buy tickets to events at the regular price.

    • Gregory DiLalo EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ
      • 10 months ago

      The ticket industry has become a sham and a disgrace with greedy profiteers controlling the markets.

    • Richard Devletian LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a former NJ resident and still visit often.


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