Help Save Irish Greyhounds
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Irish Greyhound Board, New Limerick Greyhound Stadium, Dock Road, Limerick
Mr. Barry Coleman

Help Save Irish Greyhounds

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      GREY2K USA Worldwide

GREY2K USA joins with the leading animal welfare advocates to decry a proposal to send greyhounds racing in Ireland to foreign lands such as China.

According to published reports, the Irish Greyhound Board is considering allying with Chinese officials to bring dog racing to the People’s Republic of China. Clearly, this expansion of a cruel industry would cause greyhounds to suffer even more, both in transport and then while racing. These gentle dogs would subsequently face uncertain futures in countries where animal welfare laws may not even exist.

Please join us and sign our petiton to let the Welfare and Racing Operations Manager, Barry Coleman, know that the cruelty of dog racing should end, not be expanded.

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    2. Irish Celebrities signed a letter speaking out against the proposal to send greyhounds to China:

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    4. Your signatures are helping! Keep them coming!

      Here is an update from Bernie WrightPress ,Officer GAI ,0872651720.


      Greyhound Action Ireland are currently in the process of leafleting every
      Greyhound track in Ireland. We will get them completed over the coming
      week and could do with some more offers of help. We hope to reduce
      numbers supporting Greyhound racing in Ireland. Our ultimate aim is to
      end racing as cruelty cannot be eliminated by welfare measures. By its
      nature the Industry requires more and more dogs to compete as others are
      discarded. This is a fact. Thousands of dogs will always be surplus to
      requirements.see; .uk

      SOME POSSIBLE GOOD NEWS FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE TODAY: Regarding the prospect of the IGB sending Greyhounds from here to China. In order to export animals to another country, animal health certification needs to be agreed with the receiving country. There are no procedures in place with China and no animals including Greyhounds can be exported to China at this moment. There
      are no procedures started to set up that certification for China and it
      is apparently a long-drawn out process. However we cannot become
      complacent on this issue due to the nature of Irish Politics.No request from the IGB at this time is lodged to start this process either. Both
      Finance and Agriculture will be required to approve any IGB proposal.

      They have yet to be contacted by the IGB according to them. The GAI will Press on with our campaigning on this issue.

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    6. We are starting to get through, your signatures are helping. Let's send the message home and make sure his promises are serious.

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    8. No Luck O' the Irish for Greyhounds Bound for China

      In a sign of just how weird international trade can be in our globalized world, the UK Sunday Times reports (pdf) that "Bord na gCon, the Irish greyhound board, wants to export dogs to China as part of an international expansion that could result in...

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    • Laurie Miner BRATTLEBORO, VT
      • over 3 years ago

      Greyhound racing was recently outlawed across the CT River in New Hampshire. It was the RIGHT thing to do. Yes, here in the U.S., these gentle dogs were being euthanized ON-SITE when they were no longer profitable. These dogs suffer from cruel and neglectful treatment. Please do not allow this to continue.

    • Dhyan Story AUBURN, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      China has no animal welfare policy. You would be sending these beautiful animals to their death.

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mohandas Gandhi

    • Lahneen Gallo MANCHESTER, NH
      • over 3 years ago

      DO NOT Send Irish dogs to china. You have seen what they do to their animals. do not condemn them to cruelty and torture!

    • Ann Hetherington MOUNTRATH, IRELAND
      • over 3 years ago

      I think China has enough protein without adding Irish greyhound to its diet

    • Lidmila Buchnarova MIROSOV, CZECH REPUBLIC
      • over 3 years ago

      I have three adopted retired greyhounds, 2 fom UK, 1 from Ireland. They are perfect friends, not money- machines!


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