Help Save Elephants: Tell Congress to Increase Conservation Funds
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Help Save Elephants: Tell Congress to Increase Conservation Funds

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With their massive size, long lives and strong sense of community, elephants have captured our imagination and inspired us for centuries. But throughout Africa and Asia, elephants are being slaughtered and their homelands are being destroyed at alarming rates. 

Slaughtered for their precious ivory tusks and confined to ever-shrinking habitats, these ancient symbols of wisdom and family bonds are facing severe threats today.

The U.S. can help save this magnificent species, but only if Congress expands its support for international conservation programs.

Help us make sure that lawmakers know what’s at stake - urge them to take immediate action. 

Congress has the power to ensure a future for elephants and other threatened species – but they need to hear from as many of us as possible. Make sure your members of Congress get the message today.

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    • linda muzychka FWB, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      People are such greedy pigs they just cant leave anything alone they did it to the wild horses so the greedy government can have the land god I wish animals could talk but people like us have to talk for them all they have to do is leave them alone just leave them alone.


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