Help Rescue and Get Justice for Animals Suffering at Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary Today
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Help Rescue and Get Justice for Animals Suffering at Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary Today

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      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Hundreds of Cats Suffer and Die at Hoarder's Warehouse

A PETA undercover investigation—prompted by a whistleblower report—exposed the chronic deprivation and suffering of approximately 300 cats being kept in filthy, stifling, dungeon-like, disease-ridden storage units at Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (SVAS) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

There are no signs directing potential adopters to the so-called "sanctuary," which is hidden behind a church in an industrial area and consists of an unventilated storage facility, which is crammed with stacks of crates and carriers. Some of the cats at SVAS have endured such conditions for months, but most have been confined here for years.

The majority of the cats are kept caged 24/7 in wire crates, most of which contain two to four cats each. Only one litterbox is provided per cage, and cats—who are naturally fastidiously clean—have no way to escape the sight and smell of the overflowing piles of feces and urine. The caged cats are denied everything that is natural and important to them—they have no room to stretch or walk around, let alone explore or exercise. See photos from the investigation now.

Running out of litter and food is a virtually daily occurrence at SVAS, whose operator Elizabeth Owen, employs no paid staff. Owen herself does little, if any, caretaking or cleaning and spends most of her time tinkering in a thrift store that she runs next door. Owen often hides cats who are visibly ill or injured and in need of veterinary care in the thrift store.

Over the last few months, PETA's investigator documented Owen's systematic failure to provide veterinary care to numerous sick and injured cats, many of whom suffered prolonged agonizing deaths as a result. A volunteer at SVAS told PETA's investigator that over the years, she had buried "at least 100" cats who had died at the facility. For more information, click here.

PETA first reported Owen to law-enforcement authorities in July 2010, at which time PETA was assured that Owen would "close" her facility once all the cats were adopted. However, Owen has made no effort to find homes for the cats (she has not even put a sign out by the road to indicate that the cats are in need of homes!), choosing instead to keep "storing" the animals and depriving them any quality of life.

In September, Owen was charged with violating Horry County's animal care and treatment ordinance after PETA brought the conditions at SVAS to officials' attention a second time. No cats were seized, however, and the case has been continued four times since, leaving the animals to suffer day after day. Recently, Owen, who has shown every indication that she is an animal hoarder, rejected an offer for free veterinary examinations and adoption opportunities for the cats as part of a consent agreement that was presented to her.

These cats cannot wait another day—they need your help now.

Please use the form below to contact Horry County prosecutor Greg Hembree. Politely urge Horry County officials to vigorously pursue cruelty-to-animals charges against Owen. Also, make sure that your voice is heard by calling Hembree's office at 843-915-5460. It is critical that all calls and e-mails be courteous and polite.

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    2. On Saturday morning, 50-60 of the rescued cats will be put up for adoption: Dozens of others are still being treated for illnesses and over 100 cats had to be euthanized. Please keep the pressure on to make sure these cats get justice!

    3. Reached 4 signatures
    4. Progress! Yesterday, PETA reported that Horry County Judge Bradley Mayers signed an order to seize custody and control of Elizabeth Owen's animals because of animal neglect.

      The cats are on their way to getting the vet care and love that they desperately need. Please keep signing and sharing this petition to make sure they get the justice they deserve, too.

    5. Reached 2 signatures
    6. Horry County Prosecutor has asked Sacred Vision to turn over the cats to the county. Keep the pressure on to make sure he follows through with rescuing the cats and holding their abuser responsible.

    7. Reached 750 signatures
    8. Hundreds of Cats Languish in Filth in Myrtle Beach Storage Facility

      An undercover PETA investigation, prompted by a whistleblower report, unearthed the sickening abuse and neglect of over 300 cats being kept in storage units at the so-called Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (SVAS) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Priscilla Wille SOUDERTON, UNITED STATES
      • about 3 years ago

      You mf idiots. What goes 'round,comes 'round!

    • Ellenor Litobarski PLYMOUTH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 3 years ago

      This woman needs to realise that this is not a good thing. Cats are not collectable and need proper care and love

      • about 3 years ago

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love given brings love, cruelty given brings cruelty. all living creatures need love care respect, food water shelter and the ability to express themselves. Show your public that you can give love, and if you can't give what your charity/business claims it can do, then admit that, apologise, make measures to atone/compensate for the cruelty/neglect done, and learn to love within your means. I am sure that you meant well, and you have a good open heart. It is never too late to say sorry, make amends and show love. You can do it with help. Peace.

      • about 3 years ago

      Someone save these beautiful creatures.

      How can man kind be so cruel as to deny them their rights and basic necessities.

      This cats could be given homes to people who love them. Do the right thing.

    • Samantha Benton CHARLOTTE, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      I want all these animals to be saved and rescued from this cruelty, they need a real family with a home who loves them!


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