Help Protect Wildlife Habitat from Climate Change
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Help Protect Wildlife Habitat from Climate Change

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Climate change has put wildlife and their habitats at risk. Animals like grizzly bears, salmon, and panthers will face a race for life as their food sources and habitat shrink or shift due to an unpredictably changing climate.

While these species have adapted in stunning and amazing ways over millions of years, climate change is too big a challenge for them to face on their own; we need to help them survive. By protecting important lands and migration corridors, reducing human impacts on their habitats and minimizing the impacts of global warming, we can help them adjust.

But the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management are not adopting climate-smart policies that protect wildlife habitats and landscapes from the impacts of climate change.

We need these federal land management agencies to make this a priority.

You can make a big difference by sending a simple message to the Obama administration that we need to keep our amazing wildlife in mind when we design plans for our public lands this spring.

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