Help Protect the Hudson River Palisades
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President and Chief Executive Officer, LG Electronics USA
Wayne Park
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The Honorable Joseph C. Parisi, Jr.

Help Protect the Hudson River Palisades

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      World Monuments Fund

The Hudson River Palisades and The Cloisters have been included on World Monuments Fund’s 2014 World Monuments Watch because of the threat posed by the plans by LG Electronics to build an enormous 143-foot-tall office complex atop these iconic cliffs. The new building would rise high above the ridgeline and spoil the dramatic natural beauty of this National Natural Landmark.

If constructed, the building would undo a century's worth of conservation efforts and violate a longtime public trust that has preserved the Palisades Interstate Park's unspoiled vistas sweeping northward from the George Washington Bridge. Included among the important sites that would be adversely affected is the historic Cloisters, which is directly across the Hudson River from the LG site.

To protect this heritage enjoyed by millions and the integrity of a National Natural Landmark, LG could build a low-rise alternative on its 27-acre site that would provide the same amount of office space and the same number of jobs, while respecting this treasured park landscape. But so far LG has refused to pursue such an option. 

World Monuments Fund is deeply concerned that LG’s plans, if carried out, will forever destroy one of America’s most iconic vistas. 

Please help protect the Palisades, and sign the petition below to urge LG Electronics USA to redesign its office plans so that its building does not tower above the ridgeline and spoil this extraordinary scenic and historic landmark.

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    • C. Maloney NEW YORK, NY
      • 7 days ago

      This beautiful view is something I've enjoyed for years when escaping my busy life in Manhattan. Why on earth would any company want to destroy this view when there are so many other areas to build in NY and NJ. I own several LG products and will will never purchase any LG products in the future if this land is destroyed for your headquarters. I will encourage my clients and students to do the same as well when they ask me for advice on what products to purchase (I've been a Software Developer for over 20 years).

    • Donna di Natale LENEXA, KS
      • 15 days ago

      The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful nature places in the United States. Recorded by master painters since the first explores, there is no other place on earth like the valley. Do not let LG Electronics or any other company destroy the vista this area offers by building on or even near the valley. There are plenty of other sites available. Please support this petition to keep the Hudson Valley in its natural state.

    • Peter Houston WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 18 days ago

      My wife and I visited the Cloisters last September, and we were deeply impressed by the impressive views of the Hudson River in all its natural glory, a most welcome change of scenery after the sweltering city. It would be a huge oversight to mar this incredible landscape with an unsightly tower. Please LG, rethink your decision and adjust your design so as to not be seen above the ridgeline.

    • Joep de Koning NEW YORK, NY
      • 27 days ago

      A unique wonder of nature created over millions of years shouldn't be arrogantly dismissed and destroyed for eternity by an office complex that can be built somewhere else thus extending the life of this iconic palisade for the greater good.

    • Kiilani Ocean ENCINITAS, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      We are sick of corporations ruining our precious beautiful lands. thank you for trying to stop this abomination!


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