Help Plan B Continue to Support the Williamson Street Community
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Help Plan B Continue to Support the Williamson Street Community

    1. Concerned Williamson St Neighbor
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      Concerned Williamson St Neighbor

      Madison, WI

Since establishing in 2009 Plan B has been a great addition to the Williamson-Marquette (Wil-Mar) Neighborhood. Plan B has prided themselves on the philanthropic business plan donating tens-of-thousands of dollars and countless hours to celebrate not only the LGBT community but the entire community in the Wil-Mar neighborhood.

Recently Alder Marsha Rummel (Alder of District 6, where Plan B is located) chose to separate Plan B's licenses from mass approval with other similar licenses in the neighborhood. Generally licenses are voted on in mass on an up or down vote unless they have "prior incidents" that need to be discussed. Many of these private incidents involve violence, weapons and underage drink, all of which Plan B has had no immediate issues with.

Plan B's license is being pulled for separate review because a few select individuals in the neighborhood have convinced Alder Rummell that this is what needs to be done. These people have made it their goal to have Plan B's licenses not renewed.

We know that the majority of individuals in the Wil-Mar neighborhood and a majority of citizens in the city of Madison awknowledge Plan B's contributions to the community and wish to see their licenses renewed.

That's where you come in! We ask that you please forward this petition and have everyone you know fill it out and show your support for Plan B. We can show Alder Rummell that a majority of her constituents support Plan B and renewal of their licenses.

So please, share this on facebook, send out a tweet or take your laptop to your friends and be sure they help support Plan B!

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    • Gretchen Peters MCFARLAND, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      I don't go out frequently, but when I do, I always choose a clean, safe establishment where the staff is friendly and patrons have a good time. I don't like places where it feels like the patrons are out of control. Because of this, I frequent only a handful of businesses, Plan B being one them. They are an asset to the community and provide the city of Madison with a reputable place for people to patronize.

    • Anthony Catalino WASHINGTON, DC
      • over 2 years ago

      As a former student UW law student, my memories of Madison are some of the fondest of my life. Plan B was part of the reason for that. It is head and shoulders above 99% of the gay bars and clubs I've been to in this country, and that includes New York and Chicago. It is friendly, welcoming, safe, and inclusive. All of my Madison friends, gay and straight alike, always have a great time. Corey and Rico and all of the staff go above and beyond in customer service and their philanthropy to the LGBT community and throughout Madison. Whenever I come back to visit Madison, I always make a point to make one night a "Plan B night." I hope to return for many years to come.

    • Brian Boyak MUNISING, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      On one of my recent visits to Madison my friends and I met up at Plan B. After being away from Madison for several years I was happy to find a vibrant, upscale, lounge and club that was inclusive of all my friends. It should not matter what "type" of Lounge Plan B is...which seems to be the issue more so than any petty complaints that have been made regarding the business.

      To the minority of people who have a problem with Plan B, remember we live in a world where social media reaches all corners of the earth and we the viewers are watching you make fools of yourselves while damaging the reputation of the great city and community you live in!

      I wish Rico and Corey the best and hope the next story I read about Plan B is a positive and triumphant one. I'll be sure to stop in this summer and have a wonderful libation to celebrate the workers, owners and the success that is so richly deserved.

    • Will Rhinesmith MADISON, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      Because Plan B has contributed greatly to the surrounding area, it is one of the safest and rule-abiding establishments I have ever been to. It is by far an asset to the community.

    • Leslie Phillips MADISON, WI
      • over 2 years ago

      Plan B is a staple in the gay community and a wonderful addition to the Wil-Mar neighborhood.


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