i want people to start helping pitbulls become legal and stop dog fights!
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i want people to start helping pitbulls become legal and stop dog fights!

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      beth houlton

      United Kingdom

they should sign because pit bulls deserve to live like any other dog! it is not fair that they have to be put down just because of there breed! also dog fights are not right they should be stopped, dogs are getting killed and harmed every day because of this!

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    • alison wilson LISBURN, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 2 years ago

      its important as about 7 yrs ago i was a owner of a pitbull at this time i didnt even know what a pitbull terrier was...... best wee woman ever in every manner shape size and form everyone loved her and she loved everyone cats rabbits all things small n cuddly.....unfortuantly i was moving house and had to get her minded for a week or so and she got into the wrong hands and some reported the dog her mother was also with her....we had a long court battle and lost :( s were destroyed!! its the owers who make a great pet and the assholes who give them a bad name!! i can honestly say i hear about more jackrussels and collie dogs biting kids than this breed!!! im a loving owner off a wee staffie atm n hes super!

    • Courtney Barrington BROCKVILLE, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      I love pitbulls they are gorgeous dogs that have a bad name because of humans actions. PEOPLE STOP BLAMING THE DOG START PUNISHING THE HUMAN!!!!!!!


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