Help pass NC HB 577 Medical Cannabus Act
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Help pass NC HB 577 Medical Cannabus Act

    1. Petition by

      Charles Gillstrap

      Benson, NC


Cannabis advocates in North Carolina are currently in a push to get legislators to consider House Bill 577, which is pending and would allow medical marijuana in the state. There are a total of 16 States that now have MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS in place. NORTH CAROLINA patients as well as veterans deserve the same rights to legally access marijuana as the other 16 states that already have access as well as laws to protect the individuals whom use marijuana from prosecution. There are another 15+ states that have bills for medical marijuana in legislation. If you support the choice of patients and veterans to have legal access please sign the petition.  It is now a drug proven by modern science and research studies that it can help individuals with medical conditions without the harsh side effects of prescriptions medications. The American Cancer Institute has issued a statement noting that it actually shrinks tumors and can help cancer patients with symptoms. The Veterans Administration has issued a directive stating that cannabis has been proven to help returing OIF/OEF veterans with a wide range of  medical conditions, not limited to but including PTSD. Not only will this bill help patients and veterans but will also generate a $250 million dollar revenue the first year which could help with the federal deficit that is currently in the trillions. I ask that you sign this petition and help pass NC HB 577.



OIF/OEF Veteran


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      Charles Gillstrap
      Petition Organizer

      Okay we are up to eleven signatures. The government doesn't Understand that it not only has medical properties but can be used in the textile industry as well. It is extremely renewable and can save trees. Please promote away and get Signatures. THX

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    • Josh smith OXFORD, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      As a resident of rural North Carolina i see the american tobacco farmer dying out. I know with the passing of medical marijuana it will give the farmers something thing to grow. Also north Carolina has a large military population. Some of them being wounded veterans. With legalizing marijuana it will offer new ways of pain relief for those that need it, like the wounded veterans.

    • Veronica Lindsey RALEIGH, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      As a person suffering from Seizures, Migraines, and PTSS; I am taking and have taken multiple medications that have not helped my situation. I feel medical marijuana would be a great help to my condition- - - without breaking the law.


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