Help make a better low-income transit pass to include all Calgarians
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Fair Fares Calgary
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Help make a better low-income transit pass to include all Calgarians

    1. Fair Fares Calgary
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      Fair Fares Calgary

      Calgary, Canada

April 2013


Fair Fares and Fair Calgary Community Voices would like to inform you of the recent improvements to the Low-Income Transit Pass program.

These improvements include:

- More ways to prove income - Youth from 6 - 17 are now included in the Low Income Transit pass

- The income cut-off has been raised from 75% to 87.5% of LICO for 2013 with the cut-off being increased to 100% of LICO starting April 2014.

We are excited about these changes as they make it easier for people to apply for the Low-Income Transit Pass. This shows that City Council and Calgary Transit have listened to the community's input and have acted on their suggestions.

On Monday December 17th, 2012 the City Council will decided to include a pilot project to include youth living on low-income into the low-income transt pass program.

At the 'Community and Protective Services' Committee on December 5th, City Adminstration presented future steps on how to make City's low-income subsidies more affordable and easier to get and passed the recommendations to include youth living on low-income. 

A report on the impact of using a sliding scale and single ride discounts is expected July 2013.  In the meantime, on December 17th council still has to decide if youth are included in the program.

Fair Fares suports the study for a a proposed sliding fee scale should start at least 50% of the regular adult fare. We want to ensure families and  youth are included in the current program to to help the many people who are being left behind who cannot afford to get on the bus. 

Calgarians cannot afford the fees. Kids are staying home from school. Single parent families struggle to get to daycares and to work. Such high fees will put city services like transit and recreation out of the reach of many people and restrict access to jobs, swimming pools and health services. Our City can do better. We need to cut the red tape and make it easier for citizens living in poverty to make ends meet.

We encourage and thank the City Council for taking the next step to include youth living on low income and support the recommendations to create a simpler, more affordable fee structure . We look forward to implementing all of these changes by 2014.


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    1. Reminder of the new changes to the low-income transit pass program.

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      Learn about the new ways to apply and now kids age 6 to infinity and beyond can apply! Congratulations Calgary!

    2. Low-income transit passes now include start at youth age 6 until age 64!

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer
      Update: City may give students in poverty transit discount

      A council committee has voted to undo the Calgary Transit loopholes that force thousands of low-income youth to pay more for transit passes than their parents. City officials had recommended council allow all low-income youth who aren't in school qualify for next year's $44 low-income pass, rather than the $57.50 monthly youth pass rate.

    3. 311 Weekend Action to include youth in low-income transit pass program

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      On December 17th, 2012 City Council will decide whether or not to initiate a pilot project to expand eligibility for the Low Income Transit Pass to all youth.

      Why should youth be included in the Low-Income Transit Pass program?

      • Affordable transit will increase opportunities for youth to participate in community.
      • It will give youth more opportunities to attend after school programs, including the ‘Critical Hours’ programs.
      • It will assist youth when traveling to a job, appointments and social events etc. This will result in less isolation and exclusion among youth on low-incomes.
      • It will give youth a safer way to get around our city instead of having to walk long distances.
      • It will correct the imbalance between low-income youth, who pay $57.50 for a monthly transit pass and who do not always receive a rebate from schools, and their parents who will pay $44.00 per month

    4. Route Ahead up for public input December 12, 2102

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      Check out the "Route Ahead" presented to standing for transit to keep up with population growth and good service for the next 30 years. Public are invited to speak beginning at 9:30 am at the Engineering Traditions Board room. Have your say into a fare strategy where all Calgarians can afford to ride transit.

    5. December 17th council decides to include youth in reduced transit fees

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer
      Calgary eyes low-income transit pass for kids and teens

      Metro/file photo Advocates for youth have long complained that kids and teens from low-income families have to pay $57.50 a month for a transit pass while low-income adults pay only $40. Low-income transit passes could be available to kids and teenagers as early as March, after a city committee approved the idea by a 4-3 vote Wednesday.

    6. Low-income transit pass expanded!

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer
      Calgary discount transit fares expanded

      Metro file photo Changes have been made to senior and low-income transit passes in Calgary. Calgary will raise the threshold for low-income transit passes next year, giving an estimated 28,000 more people access to discounted fares. To pay for that, however, the city's tax rate will rise and seniors' steeply discounted transit fares will nearly double.

    7. We are getting close! Council makes a big step towards at budget!

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer
      City council votes to raise seniors' annual transit pass from $55 to $95 next year

      CALGARY - City council has voted to hike seniors' annual transit passes to $95 next year, an unprecedented jump from the current $55. Aldermen voted 11-4 with Ald. Brian Pincott's proposal to put the seniors' rate closer to what low-income adults pay for bus and LRT.

    8. How bus passes aid the Youth Movement

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      We are getting a lot of notice from our City Alderman and Calgary Transit. Thank you so much for taking the time to sign the petition. Here is another great story of why youth need transit.

      Bus passes aid youth movement

      The United Way Calgary & Area has become an advocate for youth transit passes and is hopeful changes in the requirements will help youth achieve their goals and get involved in their community. Last year the charitable group released a report that surveyed 400 low income Calgarians and included a focus group of 70 youth.

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    10. Tell Our City to fund affordable services and programs by November 26th!

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      The City wants to hear from you again.
      Your input is important to us and we are very interested in your feedback. Read the highlights and let us know what you think of the proposed budget adjustments. Keep your comments constructive. For more information go to the website terms of use.
      Citizen feedback on specific adjustments will be shared with Council to help make decisions during the budget deliberation process.
      Calgarians will be able to use this online tool until the Council deliberations on budget adjustments end.
      Thank you for being engaged and thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback to help us build a better Calgary!
      The City provides other methods to provide your input in addition to this online tool:
      Call 3-1-1
      Public submissions to Council
      Public submissions will be welcomed by Council. For questions regarding public submissions and meeting procedures or to sc


      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer

      Our transit system has a profit due to an increase in taxes. Our City needs a balanced approach to help people get on the bus and increase service. It cannot be a service for the elite.

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    13. Learn why youth need to catch the bus and a break

      Fair Fares Calgary
      Petition Organizer
      Teen to urge city to ease cost of bus passes for youth

      Getting to the bus on time isn't the only hardship for some Calgary schoolkids - affording pricey monthly transit passes is a bigger problem. That's the message high school student Saila Davis is bringing to City Hall on Wednesday.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Dale Ross CALGARY, AB., CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Cost of living getting so high the younger generation and older generation can't afford to live on thier own and this would at least allow them one easier mode of transportation to get to and from work and save on transportation. Access to work and everyday needs should be affodable at least.

    • Gayle Rutherford CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Accessible transportation is a key element of poverty reduction - providing opportunities for low income individuals and families to access resources and get to employment.

    • jen sputek CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      i am a low-income mom with one son who takes handi-bus, and the other takes the city bus

    • patrick Salvani TORONTO, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      its important for 2 reasons:

      - i believe it affordable, accessible transportation is a right that should not be denied.

      - my family live in calgary. they use transit and access calgary daily.

    • Connie Bellina CALGARY, CANADA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Most of my friends that rely on Handi Bus wouldn't be able to go ANYWHERE. It's already bad enough with the cost of it all!


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