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Help Let Ruthelle Vote in November

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The good news: Ruthelle Frank, an 84-year-old Wisconsin resident, was able to vote in recent primary elections.

The troubling news: It took multiple lawsuits and 10 months to make it happen. And even though she is on the ballot to be elected in November, she may not even be allowed to place her vote because of issues with her birth certificate and the spelling of her father's last name.

Ruthelle is only one of millions of people who are at risk of losing their right to vote in this November as a result of wide-ranging state-by-state efforts to deny people access to the polls. These state efforts are throwing barriers in the way of people who have cherished their right to vote for decades and making it harder for new voters to register.

Sign the petition urging Attorney General Holder to protect the right to vote.

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    • Jeanine Fleck HILLSBORO, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      The right to vote is a fundamental one enshrined in law and tradition from the very founding of this nation. While I understand the need to establish a person's legal right to vote, surely there has to be a better way than throwing up roadblocks in front of people. The right to vote should never be infringed, especially not for such spurious reasons as minor inconsistances on birth certificates and other documents or the spelling of names. If the document in question can be established as being lawfully issued in the United States, then clerkly errors should be irrelevant. As for third party registration restrictions: if it can be established that the third party followed the appropriate guidelines and processed voter registerations properly, there should be no reason to curb such registrations save on an individual basis per non-compliant organisations. Voting is too important for an individual's right to vote to be dismissed over inconsequentials.

    • Ladaryl Rose LITTLE ROCK, AR
      • over 2 years ago

      It's obvious that she feels one person can make a difference; Anyone with that mentality coupled with a positive attitude has my support :-)

    • Anthony Fergsuon SAPULPA, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      This is America , not some communistic, socialized country of drones ,this same measure was used in the late 80's to cleanse the voting registrars of many locale , county and state voting polls, I challenged it it , I have not changed my position


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