Help Improve Emergency Care in Wyoming
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Help Improve Emergency Care in Wyoming

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Wyoming is a big state with a sparse population. We love our open space and all the beauty that mother nature has given us. But, this can also cause problems in emergency situations, including when someone is suffering a heart attack or stroke. The American Heart Association is working to ensure that everyone in Wyoming gets the quality and timely care they deserve regardless of their location in the state.

We need your help to educate elected officials on why improving emergency care is so important and how they can support efforts of the American Heart Association.

Here are some of the main pillars that we support to improve quality emergency care in Wyoming:

1. Establish statewide registries for heart attacks and stroke. Statewide heart and stroke registries are an invaluable tool because they provide the data on where in the state and how often heart and stroke events occur. They also provide data on the type of treatment patients are receiving and where gaps in quality may occur. 

2.  Encourage/establish more Primary Care facilities. We want more hospitals to achieve national standards for heart and stroke care. This can often mean more staffing and specialized equipment for hospitals, but when they reach national benchmarks for quality, we want them recognized as Primary Care facilities.

3.  Ensure proper transport during an emergency event. When a heart attack or stroke occurs, time is precious. We want to ensure all patients are taken to the facilities that can give them the best chance of survival.

Send your letter to Governor Matt Mead today and encourage him to support these pillars of improved emergency care for Wyoming residents. With your help, we can ensure better treatment and more timely care for heart and stroke victims in Wyoming.

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