Help Genésio and his Husband!
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Help Genésio and his Husband!

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"U.S. Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., has gone to bat for a bi-national gay couple, asking the Obama administration to let Genesio de Oliveira return from Brazil to live with his husband, Tim Coco, in Massachusetts. The couple married in 2005 and own a home in a Boston suburb.
Oliveira was sent home in August 2007 after losing an asylum case based on anti-gay persecution he said he experienced in Brazil. He also lost a case this year in which he sought to return to the U.S. based to his marriage to a U.S.citizen.
Kerry is a co-sponsor of a bill in Congress to extend spousal immigration rights to same-sex couples. Gay couples can marry in Massachusetts, in Connecticut, and now in Iowa."
From: Bay Times newspaper.

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