Help Forecast the Future of Global Warming

Help Forecast the Future of Global Warming

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      Emily Gertz

      Takoma Park, NY

Use the idle time on your computer to help forecast the climate of the 21st century! is running hundreds of thousands of state-of-the-art climate models. Each model has slightly different physics, representing the huge range of uncertainties of current climate models, which predict significant changes to the Earth's climate in the coming century.

The more people who add their computers to's volunteer computing corps, the faster and more thorough the results will be!

And the better they can help reduce the uncertainties in how the climate will likely change over the course of the 21st century, and which actions to slow, mitigate, and stop it will be most effective.

It's easy to join up:
- Go to

- Follow the instructions to create an account, download and set up BOINC (open-source software for volunteer computing), and set it up to run

BOINC is a very small and safe program (I've been running it for years, across four different Apple computers), used by many volunteer computing projects. You can easily set the preferences so that it will not affect your work or play on the computer.

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