Help Children Succeed: Make Kindergarten Mandatory in All 50 States
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Help Children Succeed: Make Kindergarten Mandatory in All 50 States

    1. Charlotte Hill
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      Charlotte Hill

      San Francisco, United States

Kindergarten is an essential part of early education, setting the stage for success in school and beyond. Yet in all but 14 states, kindergarten is not mandatory for children, who can miss out on key introductions to reading, writing, mathematics, and peer socialization, without any repercussions for their parents. This has got to change.

All children deserve an equal playing field, especially when it comes to their education. Ask your members of Congress to support mandatory kindergarten attendance in all 50 states.

The National Center for Education Statistics has found that throughout the course of one year, kindergarten students make noticeable improvements in school skills, increasing their reading scores by 10 points and their math scores by eight. Kindergarten offers long-term benefits to society as well; research shows that early education programs can lead to significant crime reductions in later years. Between promoting academic success and lowering crime rates, kindergarten effectively limits poverty for future generations.

Tell your members of Congress that kindergarten should be mandatory throughout America, and ensure the long-term success of our nation's children.

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