Heartless Bank Foreclosing on Murdered Girl's Mother
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Heartless Bank Foreclosing on Murdered Girl's Mother

    1. Lana Sinclair
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      Lana Sinclair

      Traverse City, MI

I am a friend and am OUTRAGED and must speak out on behalf of Susan Ooley Lewis of Traverse City, MI who is grieving over the loss of her 16 year old daughter Carly who was murdered. The foreclosure notice was published next to the "Missing Person" notice in the Record Eagle Newspaper. That is how Susie learned she was losing her home. Susie then was given the heartbreaking news that her daughter had been brutally murdered. After numerous attempts by me to plead Susie's case to Bank of America to help Susie stay in her home, Bank of America postponed the Sheriff's sale on her home until January 18, 2012. Susie has been in mourning, grief-stricken and barely able to comprehend what has happened to her baby girl. Susie just went through a grueling murder trial to seek justice for her daughter. It all has taken a tremendous toll on her. Susie has lost enough, it is unconscionable after all Susie has gone through if Bank of America takes Susie's home of 19 years, the home where Carly grew up. Susie has also operated a hair salon out of her home all these years and will lose her only source of income if the bank forecloses. She has suffered the worst loss a mother can, and now faces losing her home and her livelihood. Please sign the petition and tell Bank of America that if they refuse to modify her loan they are heartless. They need to STOP the foreclosure and do what ever it takes to let Susie stay in her home. U.S. taxpayers bailed them out, it's Bank of America's turn to give back.

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    2. Bank of America postponed the Sheriff's sale until January 18, 2012

      Lana Sinclair
      Petition Organizer

      Your support encouraged the bank to take a closer look and BOA gave Susan Lewis a forbearance, she is not out of the woods yet but this is progress. The ultimate goal is for Susan to get a loan modification.

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    4. Bank of America agreed to post pone the Sheriff's Sale until Oct. 26, 2011

      Lana Sinclair
      Petition Organizer

      This is good news BUT only buys time. It is not a solution. Susie is still in jeopardy of losing her home, the bank needs to exhaust all options and modify the loan to allow Susie to keep her home. Thank you for your support, please keep signing!!!!!

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    • Susan Vaughan KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      This is happening to me too, and I went through THE HARDEST HIT FUND - after putting me through document hell, all of a sudden i'm told I was NEVER eligible. The eligibility requirements are right there online - but they change them at their discretion - they send you through a Hud-approved counseling go-between, and they departmentatlize this whole thing so nobody takes responsibility - and if you try to call them on their FRAUD - they put the responsibility back on you. MAYBE if we keep telling these stories, SOMEONE will investigate! Either someone is sabotaging Obama's plan to help homeowners, or he's not providing the proper oversight. McArdle isn't doing squat!

      If you search Change.Org you'll find many other stories. Lets support one another.

















    • Shyla Adams HALLSVILLE, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      You have been through enough. They need to open their hearts and see that you are grieving

    • Susan Hall KALAMAZOO, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      When we went through foreclosure in 2008, the bank refused to help and told us "give me one reason why we should help you stay in your home". I will never forget that we moved a week before Christmas and our kids had to change schools. We have bailed out these horrible companies, it is time they gave back. I say, give us one reason why you can't help this woman?

    • Cindy Daniels SAFFORD, AZ
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am signing because I too lost my home after having it 18 years. My prayers go to you Susie through this difficult time.

    • jeff cake LONDON, CANADA
      • almost 3 years ago

      unusual cruelty by placing foreclosure add beside missing child notice of daughter

      knowing she spending most resource to get her daughter back fine payable mother

      for undue stress 50.000

      spirit of decency


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