Set up an Inquiry into Whistleblowing in the National Health Service.
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Set up an Inquiry into Whistleblowing in the National Health Service.

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      Dr Rita Pal

      xxxxxxxxxxxx, United Kingdom


Organisations within the NHS have failed miserably to talk with medical whistleblowers. It's for this very reason that an inquiry is urgently required to establish a body of reliable evidence on this important subject.  From this, effective solutions could be developed to make sure the NHS changes in the future. Two areas that would be helped by this inquiry are preventable deaths and reducing the current high cost of medical litigation. Currently the NHS litigation bill is £15.7 billion.  There is a failure of accountability within the NHS to the public.

These conclusions were drawn from the research paper Whistleblowing and Patient Safety: The Patient's or the profession's interest at stake? This can be downloaded here.

"Our recommendations are firstly that the profession, through the GMC or BMA Council, should commission a Consultation Group on Reporting Poor Care. This Group will examine the consequences to all parties from incidents of reported poor care. Second, the Government should consider establishing a Health Select Committee Review of Whistleblowing that would make impartial recommendations to Government and the profession. Third, the Government should consider setting up and resourcing a National Whistleblowing Centre similar to that in the US. We believe that only by open public scrutiny will constructive change be cemented into exemplary clinical practice"

 Without a detailed inquiry that includes interviews with NHS Whistleblowers, no effective solution can be developed. So far, all whistleblowers have been excluded from consultations and inquiries. The system has offered lip service ineffective solutions to appease the media and the public at large without any input from experienced whistleblowers.

In reality, the medical establishment's culture has not changed as demonstrated by the Bristol, Shipman and Mid Staffordshire Inquiries. The Mid Staffordshire Inquiries has only taken a broad brush approach to whistleblowing and made recommendations that have no evidence to demonstrate their success. Many aspects of whistleblowing such as indirect gags were not examined by the Inquiry. In the interest of patient safety, we must insist that a full blown HSC Review is undertaken immediately. 

It is important that solutions are developed to effect a change in order to improve things for future patients and staff.

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With thanks to the fantastic Mary Foord-brown for tirelessly + singlehandedly promoting this petition. The national media have refused to feature this petition thus far. 





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    • Stephen Bolsin AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      The Bristol Cardiac Scandal should have marked a tectonic shift in the attitudes of the medical profession and the NHS. Sadly the Mid Staffs Inquiry demonstrates not only that this was not so but attitudes in the NHS have probably become worse. There must be an inquiry and acknowledgement of a need for change.

    • Catherine Vickery PARALIMNI, CYPRUS
      • 8 months ago

      We musn't allow our health service to be deliberately 'failed' by politicians who want it privatised.

    • tim meadows-smith WOOLPIT, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      The NHS is vast, it is expensive and those working with patients can see what is wrong much more easily and vividly than those employed to manage. We need to make their voices heard.

      • 9 months ago

      The traetment of some patients has been shameful. It should be investigated properly.

    • Chantal Bateman PERTH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 9 months ago

      As an epilepsy sufferer I'm fed up with having to wait up to 3 months to have an important EEG scan - it's ridiculous!


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