Put an end to commercial 'parenting club' reps in maternity units
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Put an end to commercial 'parenting club' reps in maternity units

    1. Vicky Garner
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      Vicky Garner

      St Austell, United Kingdom

The hours after having a baby are an important time for mums and their partners to get to know their new baby, learn the skill of feeding and baby care and for the mum to recover from the physical effects of birth. This is a time for rest and recuperation and for the new family and their relatives and friends. 

Interruption from sales representatives there to pass on advertising material and extract data from mothers to sell on, is not something a new family needs. Yet in maternity units across the country this is what is happening, often within the first few hours of a baby being born.

Profit motivated parenting clubs such as Bounty are paying maternity units for the right to access their wards and approach mothers just hours after they have given birth. They are also allowed to take photographs of new parents with their babies that they then sell to parents. They generate a large profit both from the photographs and by selling the data they obtain from parents on to companies, who then shower parents with advertising and sales calls.

A survey by Mumsnet shows over half of new mothers felt the Bounty rep invaded their privacy on maternity wards.

Maternity Units are not the place for strangers selling their products. The government must stop allowing sales reps onto maternity wards. 

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    2. Join the call for HMRC to end its £90k/year relationship with Bounty

      Vicky Garner
      Petition Organizer

      HMRC pay Bounty to distribute Child Benefit claim forms within the Bounty packs that reps give out on maternity wards. This gives Bounty a legitimacy that they would otherwise not have.

      Treasury Secretary David Gauke MP should end HMRC’s relationship with Bounty and stop using this commercial enterprise as the means of distributing the Child Benefit form.

      To support this campaign please email David Gauke MP's private office: action.xst@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk
      cc'ing: gauked@parliament.uk

      And ask him to end the arrangement with Bounty and review the system so that:

      1.Child Benefit forms are made available via the Registry Office (reaching 100% of new parents).
      2. Forms are made available with other forms that a parent might need as a single package, to pick up from post offices, from a midwife or health visitor.
      3. Forms are made available free of charge to charities so that they can distribute them direct to parents.

      Please remember to give your address.
      Thank you!

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      • 5 months ago

      I was absolutely disgusted that hours after giving birth (need I say exhausted physically and emotionally) I was asked for my personal details. Due to this exhaustion I gave them over (to Bounty) which I would never do in any other situation. It's absolutely taking advantage of women in a vulnerable state. Ever since I've been receiving junk mail. I've worked in marketing for ten years and this would be absolutely unacceptable via any other channel.

    • Stephen Fraser SALFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      My wife was harassed on 3 separate occasions by Bounty, even after telling nursing staff & placing a sign on her door- she was recovering from severe pre-eclampsia & had just had a Caesarian.

      • 5 months ago

      I was in hospital for two weeks having my twins as I was unwell and three separate bounty reps pestered me despite each being told I did not wish to see them. I had a c section, preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and diabetes and one of the twins went to SCBU and they still would not leave me alone.

    • Fleur Fothergill UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      It's difficult enough being a new mum without commercial companies trying to sell you stuff you don't need and as they are allowed in hospitals it gives a false impression of their value

      • 5 months ago

      I am appalled to hear Bounty are suggesting that breast feeding mothers should have their milk tested to check nutrition levels. And also appalled that HMRC pay Bounty £90 k to distribute child benefit forms.


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