Arrest  Lawrence Joseph MacDonald for the Murder of Konnie Bedell
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Arrest Lawrence Joseph MacDonald for the Murder of Konnie Bedell

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      ashley borgia

      Naples, FL


Below is the story from the Naples Daily News detailing Konnie Bedell's years of torment from the man who is likely responsible for her murder. Please sign this petition so justice is recieved!

Please Direct your Emails to Wesley Bedell. He is having an upcoming silent auction to help with his Children. He can answer any questions you may have through email.


Detectives have made contact with Lawrence Joseph MacDonald.

Although he does remain a person of interest in the death of Concetta Bedell, he is not in custody and has not been arrested at this time. The investigation is continuing and additional information will be released as it becomes available.


Before he was a person of interest in her death, Lawrence MacDonald told Concetta "Konnie" Bedell that if she kept her mouth shut, everything would be OK.

He punched a 2-foot by 2-foot hole in her wall and said, "This should be your head," according to court records

He told a Collier County sheriff's deputy that suicide was cowardly and homicide was "not pretty," though it "feels pretty good."

Authorities have yet to locate MacDonald, 44, who is wanted for questioning in the death of Bedell, whom he dated for eight months beginning in November 2010. Bedell was found dead on her back porch at 115 Flame Vine Drive in North Naples around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday after neighbors reported hearing gunshots hours earlier.

Court records show Bedell filed a permanent injunction for protection against MacDonald last September. MacDonald was required to surrender his firearms, stay 500 feet away from Bedell and complete a certified batterers' intervention program within a year.

Those same records detail a relationship that turned violent and left Bedell afraid of the man she had once been close with.

"This is absurd," she wrote in an application for the injunction. "I am terrified of Lawrence. I just want him to leave me and my children alone."

According to court documents, Bedell initiated the injunction request after a July 8, 2011 domestic disturbance during which MacDonald made the comment about homicide to a deputy.

Around 6:30 that night, Bedell reported MacDonald was at her house, claiming it had been broken into. He later said he entered the home through the garage door.

When asked if he wanted to harm himself or others, he told a deputy, "Suicide is a cowardly, selfish act. … Now, homicide is not pretty, but when you do it, it feels pretty good," according to a Sheriff's Office incident report.

The quotation has two handwritten stars next to it inside Bedell's filing for a protective order. She told detectives she'd asked him to move out of the home a week earlier because of his short temper.

Bedell also alleged MacDonald had a problem with alcohol and cocaine and had been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a Naples hospital at least five times. She said he had access to two handguns, an assault rifle, knives, handcuffs and nunchucks.

And according to the domestic disturbance report, MacDonald had used them — Bedell told deputies her ex-boyfriend had at some point fired three bullets into her bedroom wall, lifted a rifle toward her and stuck the butt of the gun in her face.

When it came time to press charges, Bedell demurred. Even after taking a deputy to see the 2-foot by 2-foot hole MacDonald put in the wall, Bedell asked that there be no documentation of the damage.

"I did not tell you about this; you just saw it," the deputy recalled her saying.

Domestic violence is complicated because while staying in a relationship can be dangerous, leaving is too, said Jaime Crossan-Debres, outreach manager for the Shelter for Abused Women & Children in East Naples.

Although she said she couldn't comment on Bedell's case specifically, Crossan-Debres said the changing dynamics of relationships can complicate a situation. Past partners can return, re-enter a victim's life, or find out where they are living.

"(It's) about power and control. Leaving sends the abusive party into escalation," she said.

After living through domestic violence Bedell's sons will need help, she said, to distance themselves from the statistics that show children who experience such violence are vulnerable to an exponentially higher rate of having it continue throughout their lives.

In Bedell's filing for an injunction, the 44-year-old wrote that she purposely kept MacDonald away from her children.

"They did not like him. I could not have him and his knives, guns and other weapons around us," she wrote. "I hope to move on and put him and his temper behind me."

Reporter Victoria Macchi contributed to this report.

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    2. Records: North Naples homicide victim twice called 911 on ex before killing

      ashley borgia
      Petition Organizer

      Twice in the month before she was killed, Konnie Bedell called 911 about her ex-boyfriend violating a no-contact order, records obtained by the Daily News show.

      But in each case Bedell was ultimately uncooperative with responding Collier County sheriff's deputies, preventing them from pursuing an arrest.

      Bedell, 44, was fatally shot on the back porch of her mother's North Naples home at 115 Flame Vine Drive on Aug. 8.

      In a six-minute 911 call on July 22, Bedell told a dispatcher that her ex, Lawrence MacDonald, 44, was in front of the house.

      "Please hurry," she said in a hushed voice. "I have a restraining order against him, and he's banging on my front door."

      On Aug. 3, Bedell called 911 again. MacDonald was texting her, she said, while she and her two sons were staying at her mother's home because it was safer than her own. A Collier dispatcher said deputies would patrol the area.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Laura Zoe Kerns NAPLES, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is EXTREMELY important to me because I am a victim of domestic violence, myself, by a man named Bruce andrew Bruner who is now in CC Jail (finally), but will be released in May 2013 on NO probation. I know the first thing he will do upon his release is try to find me, and he WILL kill me and my family, as he has threatened to do so many times. He has been charged with attempted murder in Indiana, and when I called the NPD multiple times for violence against me...the police were of NO true help. I have a restraining order against him that he thinks is a joke and treats it as one. I have known Konnie since first grade, and hearing the despicable news of her untimely death in such a grizzly way is totally unacceptable that Lawrence MacDonald has not been arrested. What the hell is going on ? I am absolutely DISGUSTED that a woman, a mother was brutally murdered, WITH a protection order, and so much evidence points to MacDonald. WHEN IS THIS MAN GOING TO BE ARRESTED? It is absolutely unfathomable to me and so many others that no arrest has been made. And it makes me even more terrified than I was before knowing that the murder of a woman who begged for protection, was NOT protected. Am I next? This is NOT about me. It is about Ms. Bedell and her sons, and family. Shame on you CC Sherriff's department. Shame on you.

    • Annie Vallieres SARASOTA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a survivor of domestic violence and want this person brought to justice. The Bedell's have been my friends for 20 some years and they deserve that justice be served in this matter.

    • jessica lawhon NAPLES, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      this guy worked for my husband at one point, what a creep!

    • Felicia Farnsworth SMITH'S STATION, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      She was related to a good friend of mine, but also because any man (or woman) who believes they have control over another human being needs a reality check! All abusers should be locked up and the key lost forever!!!!

    • Felicia Farnsworth SMITH'S STATION, AL
      • about 2 years ago

      She was a relative of a good friend of mine, but any man (or woman) who think they have the right to control another human being needs a reality check! All abusers should be locked away and the key to be thrown away never to be seen again!!! I hope Justice is served for her children and for her family!


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