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Please pass SB1007 HD1 and protect access to public lands in Hawaii

    1. Debora Halbert
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      Debora Halbert

      Honolulu, HI

We, the undersigned residents of Hawaii and/or possible visitors to Hawaii very strongly support the passage of SB 1007 (HD1) and any provisions that will make this legislation permanent. 

We support this measure because we cherish our right to freely enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities in Hawaii’s mountains including hiking, biking, trail running, climbing, paragliding and other activities.  We are baffled by the State’s current absence of liability protection, which has led to ongoing closures of climbing areas, hiking trails, and other scenic sites due to the State’s legitimate fear of lawsuits.  We strongly believe that public lands need to remain open to the public.  It is patently absurd that the State should decide when, where, and how people are able to experience Hawaii’s natural wonders - especially when such decisions are made largely based on liability risk assessments.  It is time to take a significant step toward tort reform and shift our landowner liability paradigm toward something sensible, sustainable, and sane.

In comparison to other Western States, Hawaii’s recreational liability statutes are sorely lacking.  We do not want to see access to mountain sports across the Hawaiian Islands denied or restricted because the lobby for a small group of trial attorneys holds the rest of us hostage.  We strongly disagree with previous testimony against liability reform in Hawaii that suggests that the status quo is in the best interest of the public, or that the status quo will keep us safer by holding the State liable for accidents (such as the Brem case in 2012).  We are a responsible group of citizens who recognize the assumed risks in engaging in recreational activities on State lands.  We believe that individuals who choose to go hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, or who choose to engage in any other recreational use of public lands, should do so at their own risk.

Without the passage of this bill, the State of Hawaii is left with very little protection from litigation resulting from injuries that occur on State lands.  We believe the lack of liability protection is wholly untenable, especially given the ever-growing popularity of mountain recreation to residents in Hawaii and visitors comprising our tourist economy.

This bill is an agreeable compromise.  It notably does not provide the State with absolute immunity, but does require that those engaging in hazardous recreational activities accept the risks associated with their actions.  This bill will effectively balance State responsibilities (to maintain public trail systems and to warn of possible hazards) with the responsibilities of individuals to keep themselves safe and adequately prepared.  Thus, we fully endorse this essential legislation and urge the Hawaii State Legislature to pass it into law.






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    • Brian Olthoff KAILUA, HI
      • 7 days ago

      I love hiking hawaii trails! I will do so at MY OWN risk.

    • Michele Kather HONOLULU, HI
      • 7 days ago

      I love getting outside and enjoying nature. It relaxes me. Without the ability to get away, I have less activity choices that I enjoy doing.

    • Benjamin Pries KAILUA, HI
      • 7 days ago

      This directly impacts my life and without this bill I will have to stop participating in my favorite outdoor activity. This will in turn negatively impact my health and well-being.

    • Angel Nunez KANEOHE, HI
      • 16 days ago

      Climbing is an amazing sport and climb aloha has amazing classes which they have had to discontinue due to this law. Knowledge of the outdoors is vital in being a well rounded individual.

    • Brandon McDonald KERRVILLE, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      I am a Marine stationed on Oahu and would hate to be denied the opportunity to learn to rock climb. Being on an island, I can't just drive somewhere else to do these activities that I choose to take part of.


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