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Drop the charges on Mr. Rist for no wrong doing of feeding feral cats

    1. Wendy Lee Mitchell
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      Wendy Lee Mitchell

      Brick, NJ


I created this petition in response to an article I had read in my local newspaper.  Link to article here, the link was broken so pulled up another article


 Apparently a middle aged man named Mr. Rist was arrested for littering, and being a public nuisance under the health codes for feeding a feral cat colony. The Harvey Cedars police had been watching Mr. Rist for 2 months to investigate his actions. They finally arrested him December 29, 2011, when they saw him dump a 10 pound bag of food.   The Harvey Cedars police department claims it cost them $5,000 to clean up the mess from the cat food that was "wrongfully" left, and to trap the cats to take them to animal control.  I feel that first of all maybe if they had a trap, neuter and release program like we do in Brick NJ, this wouldn't be such a crime, also, they are worried about the money put out to trap these 63 cats, maybe they should do something about it instead of wasting tax dollars to observe, then arrest a middle age man. It cost more to pay the officers for them to observe, or even just to get gas in the police cars.  I think that Mr. Rist's charges should be dropped, and the township should do something about the cat colony.  I understand especially male cats that aren't spayed, will start spraying, and I understand no one wants cat feces, and urine all over.  But on a good note, these cats most likely were keeping the rats, and mice away, and were most likely content in their colony. It is also good he kept them in the one area because on the plus side the cats aren't going through people’s garbage searching for food, and they aren’t really leaving their colony.   By the cats being fed it’s keeping them contained in one area, which again is nothing wrong to do. The cats were brought to the shelter, and we all know what that means, they were all most likely put to sleep because feral cats are hard to domesticate.  Mr. Rist in any means was not wrong at all, he must have love and compassion for these cats.  Big deal that a 10 pound bag of food was left there, he wanted to make sure they were fed. Maybe if the community all pitched in and helped then people wouldn't have to complain to the police or maybe if the animals weren't left there to begin with, then maybe Mr. Rist wouldn't have to feed them. I think his charges are insane, and I think that arresting a middle aged man was not the answer. Mr. Rist's charges should be dropped and I will support this man myself who is an animal lover.  Help Mr. Rist walk free, he did no wrong other than care, which most people lack...If anything Mr.Rist should receive a community service award! Harvey Cedars should look into the TNR program, and also remember people to spay and neuter your pets, being irresponsible will cause problems like this. Also, lastly, adopt, don't shop, save a shelter pet today. Anyone wants any pets contact me at wlm180@hotmail.com, I have links to all shelter, and transports. Thank you for your support.



"Kindness and compassion towards all living things is the mark of a civilized society." Cesar Chavez 




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      • almost 2 years ago

      This is ridiculous. Maybe they should fine the idiots who dumped the cats there to begin with, NOT the compassionate individual who was feeding them. The laws need to be changed to make sense. People get arrested and fined for feeding strays, people get off easy for abusing animals. Amazing the judicial system is a joke.

    • Linda VanDriessche TAMPA, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Because these are all of god creatures . and deserve to be fed just like the homeless population. They did not ask to be born, so this is no fault of their own. This judge needs to get real and have a heart,if he is a christian then he would know about noahs ark. we are all gods creature no matter what. The vatican feeds all the feral cats around the vatican so why cnat we?

    • quinton smith BRAWLEY, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      You would NOT arrest a HUMAN for feeding a HUMAN why arrest Mr. Rist for feeding cats in need of food an care. =^..^=

    • Lisa Reid FAIRVIEW, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      I too have been summoned and fined but not arrested because i have to be bullied like a good little girl in the town of Fairview. Im stiil trying to get one last cat off block and bring her to sancuary where she can be reunited with her siblings but town will arrest me if they catch me on the block and no one will help. You can call me anytime regarding this inhumane matter 201 724 0123

    • Eugene Estavillo SCARBOROUGH, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      come on. these cats are living too


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