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Rebuild the demolished garden in Camp Curtin.

    1. Leiha Maldonado
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      Leiha Maldonado

      MA, MA

According to the Department of Agriculture, 45,183,927 people participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (data as of August 30, 2012). Food insecurity is a growing concern for Americans everywhere. The current drought, uncertain economic growth and soaring food prices have hit neighborhoods like Camp Curtin the hardest.

The Green Urban Initiative obtained permission from the City of Harrisburg to start a garden under the Adopt-A Lot program. The garden provided an economically and environmentally sustainable food source for the residents of Camp Curtain. Under the agreement, 30 days notice must be given to either party detailing any changes to the plot. No such notice was provided. Residents were not given the opportunity to harvest the vegetables they worked so hard to grow this season. The City of Harrisburg violated the terms of the Adopt-A Lot program by bulldozing the garden without providing the proper notification to the Green Urban Initiative.

Wanda Williams, City Council President, sited a list of alleged complaints as the direct cause of the demolition. The complaints remain unsubstantiated and members of the Green Urban Initiative were not allowed to speak at the City Council meeting.

Please stand behind the Green Urban Initiative and petition for a remedy of grievances. Please see http://punkrockgardens.com/2012/09/community-garden-bulldozed/ for more information.

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    • Julie Carlin HARRISBURG, PA
      • 11 months ago

      I read about how it was torn down. It was very sad. I live in the city and I appreciate seeing gardens instead of barren lots. There are cities like Detroit, Michigan where vacant properties and vacant lots are part of urban decay. I don't want Harrisburg to slide into a state of environmental and ecological depression.

    • Shirley Knight ETTERS, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I grew up poor and my Father, who was disabled, came home from a low paying job each day and gardened in order to feed his family. You would think the people in that area would have immediately signed up and grew a garden. it is an unfortunate commentary on the government of our State Capital and it's politics. When the Mayor calls local neighboring community members by ugly names what more can you expect of the citizens.

    • Gillian Rodger MILWAUKEE, WI
      • over 1 year ago

      Community gardens allow people to take control of the problem of food insecurity and do something about it. They also learn better nutrition and engage in healthy physical activity. All of this is preferable to a desolate, empty urban lot. Let people make productive use of open land in their city.

    • Nancy Guy SAN DIEGO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Wow! What an ignorant move. What's wrong with Wanda Williams?

    • Diane Vatcher PROVIDENCE, RI
      • over 1 year ago

      City Gardens are so important to the youth of our cities. Passing down years of tradition and knowledge about where our food comes from. Why did you do this? Rebuild this for the neighborhood.


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