not allow unsubstantiated claims into hearings
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Hamilton County Children services
Hamilton County Juvenile Services

not allow unsubstantiated claims into hearings

    1. Annuit Coeptis
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      Annuit Coeptis


Hamilton County Children Services allows unsubstantiated evidence in with regards for removal of children on what is called emergency orders. These claims have no witnesses or evidence and are pulling families into a system that is unfair and bias. There is a two year limit that children services is allowed custody of these children using these claims; as they fill the parents schedules with services they know will not suffice. The state is funded thousands for children placed into permanant custody of children services. Only at trial are these claims dismissed. I say do not fill the court dockets up with cases that merit no cause and causes families to wait three years in court to justly get their children home.

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    • Katherine Cherry LOVELAND, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      GREAT IDEA! If we cannot get justice from all officers of the court, then force mandates like this!! Great idea!!!!

    • Annuit Coeptis CINCINNATI
      • about 2 years ago

      Parents have the right to protect thier children..even from money grubbing agencies.


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